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Relyco is a global provider of business printing and payment solutions.

  • Accounts Payable
    & Payroll

    Accounts Payable
    & Payroll

    High security checks & envelopes, check-printing hardware and software, and automated payment solutions.

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  • Mail Houses &
    Direct Mail Agencies

    Mail Houses &
    Direct Mail Agencies

    Reduce time & cost of processing direct mail with blank or customized forms, envelopes, and one-piece mailers.

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  • Print Shop &
    Printing Services

    Print Shop &
    Printing Services

    Find specialty media for print-on-demand applications; promotional products and custom design and printing services.

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  • Government Customers

    Government Customers

    Serving military, federal, state and local government bodies for the last 25 years.

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Relyco Expands the Durable Paper Line with TriDura

Looking for something more durable than standard paper but do not need all of the advantages of a full synthetic durable paper product? TriDura combines the print quality and foldability of traditional paper.

When the printed material will be subject to changes in environment, but will only need to last short term, customers turn to TriDura; water tolerant & tear resistant paper.


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