Thousands of Ways to Use Waterproof Paper

In our last post post, I showed you a unique application of our Relyco REVLAR™ waterproof paper, and this got me thinking about all the different ways our customers are using it. I am constantly amazed at the applications our customers come up with for REVLAR. Sure, everyone knows it can be used for restaurant and bar menus, signage and the like, but here are a few recent applications from our customers to get the creative juices flowing: A Swim…

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Waterproof Paper Application of the Month: Plant ID Signage

Relyco’s REVLAR waterproof paper is “virtually indestructible.” Each month, we’ll share a unique waterproof paper application that shows you how the paper can go right from your laser printer and into the harshest of environments. Used as plant ID signage at the University of Florida’s Horticultural Research Center, REVLAR has been out in the heat, humidity, rain and wind for months – without so much as a blemish. “Gone are the days of tedious and costly lamination, or running around…

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