Video: How to Create a Pressure Seal Self Mailer Form in 60 Seconds

For those unfamiliar with pressure seal self mailer forms, it’s sometimes difficult explaining the concept of the form and its benefits without showing the form in action. We created this quick video to do exactly that. Watch this video to see how we printed our Relyco 2010 holiday card on blank pressure seal stock paper, processed and sealed the form, and had it ready for mailing in just 60 seconds. Yes, it really is that easy and we can show…

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Why a MICR Printer? MICR Printer vs. Standard Laser Printer

Printed MICR Check Line The American Bankers Association (ABA) made MICR the standard because it could be printed using existing technology, and while it is possible to print using a standard laser printer with a MICR toner cartridge, only with a MICR printer and MICR toner will a user be ensured of the quality that will meet ANSI standards and that the MICR line will be acceptable to a financial institution’s readers. Only a MICR laser printer can guarantee compliance…

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Cloud Printing…Is This What’s Coming?

I came across this Blog post, The Future of Printing: In the Clouds? It’s a very interesting read for where the print industry will be going and this will be happening sooner rather than later… If you don’t know what Cloud Computing or Cloud Services are, you soon will. Microsoft’s current consumer ad campaign is geared towards what Cloud Computing means to the consumer. For the business world, it’s another technology advancement designed to enhance productivity through collaboration and connection.…

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Congratulations: New Blog Name

Congratulations to LuRae Cass for naming our new Blog. LuRae suggested “Rely on Relyco.” We had so many great name suggestions, which made it very hard to choose just one. LuRae’s suggestion really captured the essence of what Relyco is all about. We are a company that you can rely on because of our superior customer service and quality products.

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Common Carbonless Laser Paper Applications

Are you considering converting your continuous carbonless forms to a more cost-effective and environmentally freindly laser format? REIMAGE  Carbonless Laser Paper is an environmentally-friendly, laser-compatible carbonless paper solution ideally suited to this transition. Unlike traditional carbonless paper, which is manufactured with solvent-based chemicals that can damage critical printer components, REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper is manufactured specifically for use in laser printers and digital copiers. Plus, carbonless laser paper can be used for many applications, including yours. Quotes Purchase orders Invoices…

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Relyco Blog Name Finalists

Thank you to everyone who submitted name ideas for the new Relyco Blog last week. We had many great name suggestions, which has made it very hard to pick just one. We have selected our top ten here. Next week, we will pick the winner and announce the new name. If you’d like to help us make the selection, please comment on the name you like. Rely on Us Printables Printitudes Fine Print Relyable LaserFocus Everything Relyco The Relyco Vantage…

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Waterproof Paper Application of the Month: Speed Limit Signs

Relyco’s REVLAR waterproof paper is “virtually indestructible.” Each month, we’ll share a unique waterproof paper application that shows you how the paper can go right from your laser printer and into the harshest of environments. REVLAR speed limit signs on a remote dirt road in southern Maine – after a wet New England spring, a summer of heat and an autumn filled with wind and rain, the REVLAR sign (printed using a 15-year old black & white laser printer and…

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Reducing the Risk of Check Fraud

Since check fraud is illegal, it is impossible to place an exact dollar value on the amount of money stolen each year through fraud. By all accounts, however, the problem is measured in the billions of dollars annually and continues to grow each year. Consider these basic statistics about check fraud: The FBI estimates that losses from check fraud total $18.7 billion annually. More than 500 million checks, more than a million a day, are forged annually in the U.S.…

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Welcome to Our New Blog

Having been in business for over 20 years now, Relyco has seen two decades of change and innovation within the business printing solutions market. Our dedicated team has also built up years and years of expertise and experience working closely with our customers, which has helped us become a leader. We would now like to share the information we’ve learned, our comments on the industry, and our opinions on hot topics with you in this long overdue Blog. We want…

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