Happy New Year from Relyco

Thank you for all your support and business in 2010. We look forward to another great year in 2011. A Formax Shredder from Relyco would be a great way to make your own celebration confetti… Happy New Year from all of us at Relyco

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Printing More Efficiently and Greener…10 Considerations for Managed Print Services

Recently, I came across this Blog post that discuss 10 things to consider when evaluating Managed Print Services (MPS). If you are starting to think about MPS, this is a great starting point. Managed Print Services 10 considerations when evaluating or implementing a Managed Print Services program 1 — Does your MPS program put the emphasis on “management” or on “print”? A successful MPS program requires people, process, and technology (hardware and software). If the program’s focus is on the…

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Sports Potential Addresses Forms Management with Relyco REIMAGE Carbonless Paper

Sports Potential Inc. offers sports assessment services that include identification of sports compatible to body type, physical capabilities, and preferences and performance analysis. The company also helps identify areas for training for local sports organizations, coaches, and trainers. Sports Potential was founded in 2002 and is based in Menlo Park, California. When Sports Potential experienced problems keeping their forms and data organized, they called Relyco. Sports Potential instructors and trainers spend time in the field assessing the capabilities of participants,…

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Video: Relyco REVLAR Waterproof Paper in Action

Relyco’s REVLAR waterproof paper is truly unique paper. In fact, it’s “virtually indestructible.” Check out our video to see first hand how you can easily print on REVLAR from your laser printer and then see how it handles a spill. REVLAR just needs to be wiped off, while regular paper gets soggy and easily rips. For more information on REVLAR, call us at 1-800-777-7359 or Email us. To see more ideas for how you can use REVLAR, visit our Expertise…

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Relyco Helps Local Families Enjoy the Holidays

As a relatively new employee to the Relyco family, I just witnessed first hand the caring nature and generosity of this amazing company. Each holiday season, Relyco works with Dover, NH school administrators to help families in need. After families are identified, Relyco employees talk to the parents about the things their kids like. A mad dash to a local store is then organized as employees hope to make each kid’s wish come true.  With lists in hand, 14 Relyco employees…

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Storage and Handling Tips for Pressure Seal Forms

In keeping with this week’s focus on pressure seal forms, we have some tips for ensuring optimum form performance. Relyco ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal Forms should be stored and handled according to these guidelines. Storage Cartons of pressure seal forms should be stored off the floor on pallets or shelves; ensure cartons are stacked upright and never stack more than five cartons on top of each other. The downward pressure can damage the pressure seal forms in the bottom cartons If…

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Pressure Seal Mailers Are Most Secure Mailing Method

Pressure Seal Comprehensive Security Features Security is an important benefit of leveraging pressure seal technology. ULTRASEAL® self mailers from Relyco offer up to 13 different security features to ensure that highly sensitive information is secure; additional custom security features are also available. In fact, ULTRASEAL pressure seal checks are manufactured to exceed American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements for due diligence. Plus, ULTRASEAL uses a fiber tear bond to ensure that any attempt to tamper with an ULTRASEAL document will…

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Waterproof Laser Paper Worth Cost

Cost Benefits of Waterproof Laser Paper: REVLAR vs. Lamination

Are you thinking about how you can use REVLAR™ in your organization? Consider these cost benefits. One of the core advantages of REVLAR is that its durability is not dependent on lamination.  For conventional paper products to achieve characteristics similar to REVLAR, they must go through a lamination process, which can be time consuming and expensive. Additionally, laminated paper can peel, bubble, and crease, compromising the desired clean, professional look and allowing unwanted moisture to penetrate and damage the finished…

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How Can You Use Pressure Seal Forms?

Common Applications for Pressure Seal Technology Pressure seal forms can be used for hundreds of applications across all industries. Here is just a sampling: Relyco ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal Self Mailer Form Example Manufacturing/Retail -Recall Notices -Order Acknowledgement -Warranty Certificates -Marketing Flyers Financial Services -PIN Notices -Overdraft Notices -Monthly Statements -Checks Government -Voter Registration -Income Tax Forms -Jury Duty Notices -Parking Permits -Property Tax Bills Healthcare -Lab Results -Patient Statements -Past Due Notices Education -Grade Reports -Tuition Notices -Course Schedules -Federal…

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