Relyco Launches New CHEKSERV Automated Check Printing Software

Relyco today announced the launch of CHEKSERV, an automated check printing software solution that improves efficiency, security, and cost. Powered by TROY, CHEKSERV is built on server-based architecture for Windows 7 (Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP) that works with virtually any accounting and financial system to meet the demands of accounts payable and payroll check issuance. “We partnered with TROY to deliver the industry’s most intuitive, easy-to-use, and secure check writing software available. CHEKSERV is a…

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What Are the Components of a MICR Laser Check System

A MICR laser check system is made up of four key components: the MICR laser printer, MICR toner, secure check stock and check-writing software. MICR Laser Check System The MICR laser printer is a specialized laser printer capable of producing a check that meets ANSI standards, including the durability and uniform placement of the MICR font. A MICR laser printer can create a check in a single-step by imprinting all required information; a blank piece of security paper becomes a…

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The Importance of Paper Shredding: Stay Secure and Compliant

Paper shredders are everywhere now and are an essential business appliance. Banks have them next to their tellers, by counters for their customers, and in employee offices. Retailers have them next to their registers. Healthcare facilities need them to comply with HIPAA standards. Every financial firm has them to comply with the myriad of regulations that they must comply with. Still, not enough data is shredded. Important information ends up in the trash every day. This can result in unneeded…

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ANSI Standard Changes Affect How IRDs Are Printed

In November of 2010, ANSI X9. 100-140-2008 became a mandatory standard affecting how IRDs (Image Replacement Documents) are printed. Relyco IRD/Substitute Checks Highlights of the new version of the standard include: Return Reason Overlay moved off image to allow for greater clarity of the original item Truncating institution sequence number, routing number, and processing date reordered Minor changes to the ECE institution endorsements on the back of the items (for more details, Guaranteed Check 21 Compliance Thousands of financial…

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Winsor Brook Streamlines Processing, Reduces Cost with FLEXCHECK Check Writing Software

A property management company, Winsor Brook Property Advisors, dedicated an entire table in their accounting office to sorting and storing the pre-printed checks that they used with QuickBooks check printing software.  In fact, the company had more than 30 properties for which they printed checks and each of these had at least one bank account—and some had three or four—making managing the pre-printed check inventory for QuickBooks a nightmare. Jessica Smith, owner of Winsor Brook, felt burdened.  “On top of…

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Survey Reveals 63% of Respondents Experienced Check Fraud 2010

A recent survey conducted by International Security Management, Inc (ISMG) and sponsored by Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) polled hundreds of financial institutions, primarily banks but also credit unions and payment processors. Questions were designed to gauge the scope of the fraud threat in the US, measure industry preparedness, and identify anti-fraud strategies and technologies that institutions are employing and investing in. Relyco Helps Stop Check Fraud What the survey found was that the top fraud problems were payment card fraud,…

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Relyco Has Great 2010 with Strong Customer Growth

In today’s press release, Relyco today announced that the company closed out a very successful 2010 by adding more than 450 new customers in the fourth quarter. Since 2008, Relyco has grown its customer base by 25 percent. Building upon our reputation as a leading provider and innovator of business printing solutions, Relyco continues to grow quarter over quarter. In Q4 2010, Relyco significantly increased its customer base and expanded existing business across all vertical markets for its entire line…

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Laser Check Printing: MICR Toner vs. Standard Toner

Why is it important to use MICR toner as part of your MICR laser check system? MICR Toner Is Needed to Print ANSI Standard Compliant Checks MICR toner is similar to standard laser printer toner, but includes an iron oxide additive, which allows for electronic processing and ensures compliance with ANSI specifications for readability standards. So while it is possible to physically print checks with “regular,” non-MICR toner instead of MICR toner, there are several important issues to consider before…

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Digital Printing and Its Advantages

Came across the Blog post below that I wanted to share with you. The information in this article really captures what you can do with Digital Printing — speed, flexibility, and efficiency. Just Press Print The printing industry has come a long way from its humble beginnings especially with the introduction of digital printing. When before printing outcomes range from fuzzy to wrong color designs, and most often than not a constant frustration for many businesses; any printing company nowadays…

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Waterproof Paper Application of the Month: Realty QR Codes

Relyco’s REVLAR waterproof paper is “virtually indestructible.” Each month, we’ll share a unique waterproof paper application that shows you how the paper can go right from your laser printer and into the harshest of environments. John Daugherty Realtors, the number one residential real estate firm in Houston, TX, is using Relyco’s REVLAR to cost-effectively add QR codes to their realty signs. Using REVLAR frosty self-adhesive paper, the realty firm is printing QR codes for each specific property and adhering them…

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