Paper or Plastic Menus: Do You Menus Pass the Tear Test?

Paper or Plastic Menus: Do Your Menus Pass the Tear Test?

Paper or plastic? That's the age old question, right? But we're not talking about bags here, we're discussing menus! Menus receive heavy and frequent handling and they are exposed to food and drinks often. In order for them to last, you need to invest in a good quality material that can withstand these elements. Plastic menus are not only waterproof, they're also tear-proof.
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Austin Cote Marketing Intern

Get to Know Relyco – Austin Cote, Marketing Intern

Austin Cote is one of our marketing interns. He's currently in his final semester at the University of New Hampshire, where he's majoring in entrepreneurial studies and marketing. He was originally hired as a summer intern last year, but then we liked him so much that we invited him to stay on through his senior year at UNH!
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promote print ideas

3 Ways to Promote Print Ideas to Customers

In order to promote print ideas, you need to combine physical communication with digital communication to reach your audience. The trick is not to sacrifice your physical presence for digital, while still investing enough time and money into your digital presence to attract today’s consumers.
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