Calling All Restaurants: Enter to Win Waterproof Menu Paper!

waterproof menu paper

We’re celebrating our first year of attendance at the National Restaurant Association’s 2017 Show in Chicago with a contest on our Instagram and Twitter pages! We’re really excited to attend the show and chat with restaurant owners and managers about their unique paper challenges at the NRA Show on May 20 – 23, 2017.

Why enter?

If you’re a restaurant owner using paper menus, you have got to be sick of re-printing! Paper menus fail. They rip, they get dirty and they can’t get wet. Even if you try to laminate or put paper menus in a protective cover, you end up spending more money and it’s more hassle…plus, it doesn’t even work that well! If you start with waterproof menu paper, you don’t have to go through additional steps.

Stop it with the paper nonsense! Compare the two menus in the photo above. The menu on the right is standard paper and on the left is a REVLAR waterproof menu. It does not tear and when it gets dirty, you can simply wipe it clean with a wet cloth. It really is that easy. Enter the contest, you’ll have the chance to enjoy #NoMoreMenuFails!

So…what could you win?

The contest kicks off on April 18! We are giving away a Waterproof Menu Printing Kit. The lucky winner will receive everything they need to start printing their own waterproof menus!

Included in the kit:

Yeah, that is a NICE printer. (We didn’t skimp on this!) We will ship everything to the winner – within the US. The winner will be selected at random. We will announce the winner on our Instagram and Twitter pages on May 23 at 11am Central time.

How do you enter?

Ideally, you already follow us on Instagram and Twitter. If not, we’ll just wait here while you go ahead and do that.

Done? Great! Thanks!

We’ll be posting about our contest on those channels. We made some quick videos to demonstrate how resilient waterproof paper really is – and we hope they give you a giggle too! There are a couple of really silly ones: like when Steph put on waders to get doused in water. It’s that kind of thing.

We encourage you to follow our social accounts to see (and share) those, but because you read this far, we’ll give you the goods directly. You can enter the contest with this link.

Visit Us

Planning to attend NRA? Visit us at booth #10147 to see our waterproof menu paper in action. Get ready to get messy and put your strength to the test! You have to see it, spill on it and try to tear it to believe its durability. We’ll have a demo station ready for you!

Even if you don’t plan to attend the show, make sure you enter the contest to win a Waterproof Menu Printing Kit! You can enter the contest here or by clicking the button below.

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