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The Key to Community Input in Seattle: Waterproof Tags

After searching for an effective way to empower the public to give feedback on improvements to the area, the Alliance for Pioneer Square found Relyco’s REVLAR. They decided the weatherproof, easy-to-print on, and vibrantly colored synthetic paper was perfect for creating the kind of waterproof tags the group envisioned their project.
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3 Restaurant Menu Trends and Challenges in 2017

We had a fantastic time at NRA Show 2017! One of our favorite sessions was Nancy Kruse's Menus 2017: Turning Trends Into Money Makers. When discussing the challenges faced by restaurants in 2017, Kruse stressed the competition coming from grocery stores, food trucks and meal kits. To respond to these challenges, Kruse argued that restaurants should ramp up their menus and make their meals more memorable. Kruse noted several current trends that restaurants should take into account when refreshing their menus.
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Keith Zub

Get to Know Relyco – Keith Zub, Senior Vice President

Keith Zub has worked at Relyco for over seven years. He serves as our Senior Vice President. With his thirty-year background in manufacturing, he provides insight to the team and works on strategic accounts. He spends more than 50% of his time on the road representing Relyco at trade shows and visiting clients. We certainly miss him when he's not in the office because he's such a fun time!
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Buy ID Cards

How to Buy ID Cards: What’s In Your Customer’s Wallet?

We offer ID and membership cards in dozens of configurations – from plastic cards with a signature panel to waterproof cards with a scan bar. We know you love choices. But with so many options, it can be tricky figuring out exactly which card is the best fit for your needs and budget. To help alleviate some of our customers’ confusion, we put together a webinar: “What’s in Your Customer’s Wallet?”
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Who uses waterproof menus?

Atlantic Grill Loves the Look, Feel and Ease of Waterproof Menus

Watch the video to learn why Atlantic Grill uses waterproof menus! Atlantic Grill is a restaurant situated in the coastal community of Rye, New Hampshire. They are open year-round, but because they are located in a seasonal community, they receive an influx of customers during the summer months. As the number of patrons increases, the need for durable menus becomes even more critical.
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Lyndsay Vachon

Get to Know Relyco – Lyndsay Vachon, Account Manager

Lyndsay Vachon is one of our Account Managers. She started at Relyco a little more than six months ago and she's an awesome addition to the team. Lyndsay is naturally outgoing and inquisitive by nature. She has a self-deprecating sense of humor and, when paired with her dry delivery, she is hilarious. She's quick to laugh - at herself or with others - and always seems to be in a good mood.
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Julia Kuziomko

Get to Know Relyco – Julia Kuziomko, Director, Demand Generation & Marketing Operations

Julia Kuziomko serves as Relyco's Director of Demand Generation & Marketing Operations. Julia's dedication is clear to all who work with her. She has a busy job, but she always seems to be prepared for whatever you throw at her. She's poised and professional, ready to tackle any challenges as they arise. Inviting customers to see who we are "behind the curtain" is one of her main goals.
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