Mary Jo Gauthier Relyco

Get to Know Relyco – Mary Jo Gauthier, Office Manager

We'd like to introduce Mary Jo Gauthier, Relyco's Office Manager. That title seems deceptively simple. In reality, Mary Jo does so much. She takes care of receiving and shipping all eCommerce store orders, stocks our office with supplies, makes all of our staff's travel arrangements, books our conference rooms and just generally keeps track of everything.
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Yes! Delight your print customers.

How to Retain and Delight Your Best Print Customers

First things first: don't believe the hype, print is not dead. But our increasingly technology-driven world does present a challenge for print shop owners looking to grow their customer base. What can you do to impress your print customers, old and new, in a world where digital communication is the first priority of buyers and consumers alike?
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Mike Steinberg, Relyco Owner & CEO

Get to Know Relyco – Michael Steinberg, Owner & CEO

It makes the most sense to kick off the "Get to Know Relyco Series" by starting at the beginning, with Michael Steinberg, Relyco Owner & CEO. He founded the company in April of 1989. Today, Relyco is still run as a family business. Mike is proud of all the company has accomplished, though it seems like it's how success has been achieved that really pleases Mike.
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