Company Profile

Relyco delivers innovative business printing, payment, and fraud prevention solutions—including laser and digital applications, high-security documents, and e-payment software—to meet the requirements of global customers and personalized service to exceed customer expectations.


To serve our customers as an innovative, strategic print and payment expert, delivering guaranteed business printing, e-payment, and fraud prevention solutions with industry-leading customer service.


Through a focus on innovation and customer service that exceeds expectations, Relyco leverages expertise in business printing products, online payment and e-document technologies, and fraud prevention strategies honed over more than 20 years to provide customers with dependable, guaranteed products and consultative services that meet their unique business requirements.

Since 1989, Relyco has been a leading supplier of business printing and payment solutions to corporations, governments and institutions around the world. Our diverse product line is grouped into three categories: Payment and E-Document SolutionsSelf-Mailer Pressure Seal Solutions, and Innovative Laser & Digital Printing Solutions.

Each line has a large collection of categories ranging from ePayment solutionswaterpoof paper, and carbonless laser paper, to self-sealing formspressure seal equipment, and digital packaging. Our products combine the best of today’s marketplace, offered at reasonable prices. Where ever your organization’s needs are, Relyco’s well-trained experts can walk you through a project from start to finish. Understanding and meeting our clients' needs are always our first priority. Our commitment to customer service sets us apart from our competition.  

Relyco has been a pioneering force in our industry. Our continuing research into fraud prevention strategies and new form technologies, as well as our membership in the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) ASC X9AB* check processing committee; keep Relyco ahead as an innovative leader.

Memberships and Accreditations

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