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Relyco Corporate

Relyco Corporate Overview
Corporate Overview Video

Customer Sucess Stories

Customer Stories
Rockys Aqua Restaurant - REVLAR Waterproof PaperSafe Boats, International: REVLAR Waterproof Paper
SoftWriters, Inc. - DigiPOP Pocket Folders
Blue Lobster Brewing: REVLAR Waterproof Labels
Griffin Hospital: REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper
Community Food Co-op: REVLAR Waterproof Signs


Winnipeg Blue Bombers - REVLAR Waterproof Paper
Millers Minuteman Press - REVLAR Waterproof Paper
TPS Marketing Group - DigiPOP Personized Packaging
Medpace  - REVLAR Waterproof Paper
IRIS Ltd. - REVLAR Waterproof Paper 
Journal Menu - REVLAR Waterproof Paper
Getman Corporation - REVLAR Waterproof Paper   

Associated Food Stores - REVLAR Waterproof Paper 
The Ventura Group - REVLAR Waterproof Paper 
Brigham Young University (BYU) Football - REVLAR Waterproof Paper for Playbooks
IHMA (International Health Management Associates - REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper and Integrated Labels
The Angler's Boutique Resort - REVLAR Waterproof Paper
Environmental Testing Firm - REIMAGE Carbonless Forms and ENDURA LABEL Waterproof Labels 
DMM- DigiPOP Custom Digital Pacakging
Grinders Pizza - REVLAR Waterproof Paper
Ace Hardware - REVLAR Waterproof Paper
Ricca Group - ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal Checks
ADzif - REVLAR Waterproof Paper
Motor City Electric Co. - REVLAR Waterproof Paper
CsS Services - REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper
Service Credit Union - Checks, Forms, Commercial Printing and Warehousing
SIG SAUER - Commercial Printing and Warehousing
XANGO - ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal Checks and MICR Toner
American Ordnance - REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper & REVLAR Waterproof Paper
Cook Illinois Corporation - Laser Checks, Security Envelopes & Tax Forms
Dialysis Clinic, Inc - Envelopes
Southeastern Liquid Analyzers - Secure Laser Checks
Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy - REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Forms
Cognizant - Customer Checks & ULTRASEAL Self-Mailer Forms 

Sports potential
Alabama State University
Winsor Brook
Capital City Partners

Partner Stories

F&E Check Pros  - ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal Check Stock, Secure Check Stock, & REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper  
OCPC - REVLAR Waterproof Paper 
Peregrine Solutions  - ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal Stock, Checks, and Forms 
SRS Systems  - Secure Check Stock, Check-Writing Software, MICR Printers and Toner 
Van Imaging  - Secure Check Stock and DURASEAL Secure Envelopes 

Business Laser Checks

Relyco Check Brochure
BASICHEK Datasheet
Canadian Cheque Datasheet
Substitute Checks/IRDs Datasheet
IRDs: The Difference Between Forward and Return
Ultraseal Checks Datasheet
Relyco Check Security Features

ePayment Solutions

Paymode-X Automated Payments Solution
Paymode-X Brochure

Payroll PayCards
rapid! Payroll Paycard Brochure

Online Paystub and W2/1099 Solution
DocAgent Online Paystub and W2/1099 Brochure

ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal One Piece Mailers

Relyco Ultraseal Brochure
Ultraseal Self Mailer Pressure Seal Forms Datasheet
Ultraseal Self Mailer Custom Pressure Seal Forms
Pressure Seal Equipment Datasheet

Laser Paper Technologies

Relyco Laser & Digital Substrates Brochure
Relyco Substrates Printer Compatibility Chart

DigiPOP Packaging Solutions
DigiPOP Applications Brochure
DigiPOP Template Guide
DigiPOP Frequently Asked Questions
DigiPOP Printing Guidelines
DigiPOP Golf Sheet
DigiPOP Wedding Sheet

DigiFLIP Flyer
DigiFLIP Design Instructions
DigiFLIP Business Card Template
DigiFLIP Greeting Card Template
DigiFLIP Regular Card Template

REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper
Relyco REIMAGE Brochure
REIMAGE Datasheet
REIMAGE – 4 Easy Steps to Creating Carbonless Forms

REVLAR Waterproof Paper
Relyco REVLAR Brochure
REVLAR Datasheet
REVLAR Perforated Templates Datasheet
REVLAR On a Roll Datasheet
REVLAR Marine & Laboratory Labels Datasheet
REVLAR Microsphere Labels Datasheet
4 up Luggage Tag Template
3 up Door Hanger Template
6 up Door Hanger Template
8 up Curved Bookmark Template
6 up ID Card Template 
8 up ID Badge Template 
2 up Shelf Wobbler Template 
8 up Multi Purpose Tag Template 
13 up Plant Wrap Tag Template 

Secure Paper
Security Paper and Secure Medical Paper Datasheet

Business Forms
2013 Relyco Business Tax Forms Catalog
Tax Form Video Tutorial
ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal Tax Forms Datasheet

ID and Membership Cards
Laser ID and Membership Cards Brochure
Relyco EZ-Card Datasheet
Relyco MagnetCard Datasheet
LaserBand ID Wristbands Datasheet
Laser ID Cards Datasheet
Plastic Cards Datasheet

ENDURA LABEL Laser and Digital Labels
ENDURA LABEL Standard Label Size Catalog
ENDURA LABEL 12X18 Label Catalog

DURASEAL Envelopes
DURASEAL Envelope Brochure
DURASEAL Envelope Datasheet

WinkJET Wide Format Inkjet Rolls
Full WinkJET Catalog
WinkJET Media Overview
Relyco WinkJET 31WJ79 Datasheet
Relyco WinkJET 31WJ84 Datasheet
Relyco WinkJET 31WJ85 Datasheet
Relyco WinkJET 34WJ08 Datasheet
Relyco WinkJET 35WJ49 Datasheet
Relyco WinkJET 36WJ04 Datasheet
Relyco WinkJET 36WJ08 Datasheet
Relyco WinkJET 36WJ09 Datasheet
Relyco WinkJET 36WJ20 Datasheet
Relyco WinkJET 36WJ70 Datasheet
Relyco WinkJET 36WJ86 Datasheet
Relyco WinkJET 39WJ00 Datasheet
Relyco WinkJET 39WJ44 Datasheet
Relyco WinkJET 39WJ88 Datasheet

MICR Printers

The Value of MICR Check Technology Whitepaper

Samsung Printer Family Datasheetm
Relyco RS-ML-2855ND-MICR Printer Datasheet
Relyco RS-ML-3712ND-MICR Printer Datasheet
Relyco RS-SCX-5635FN-MICR Printer Datasheet
Relyco RS-SCX-5835-FN-MICR Printer Datasheet

Troy 1606 MICR Printer Datasheet
Troy 2055 MICR Printer Datasheet
Troy 3015 MICR Printer Datasheet
Troy 3035 MICR Printer Datasheet
Troy 4014/4015 MICR Printer Datasheet
Troy 4515 MICR Printer Datasheet
Troy 9050 MICR Printer Datasheet

Source Tech/Lexmark
ST 9612 MICR Printer Datasheet
ST 9620 MICR Printer Datasheet
ST 9630 MICR Printer Datasheet
ST 9650 MICR Printer Datasheet

Rosetta 3300 MICR Printer Series Datasheet

ACOM Phaser 3250 MICR Printer Series Datasheet
ACOM Phaser 4510 MICR Printer Series Datasheet


Laser Check Printing Software
Relyco FlexChek Datasheet
FLEXCHEK Check Printing Demo Presentation
FLEXCHEK Check Signing Demo Presentation
Troy Checkwriting Software from Relyco Datasheet

Laser Forms Conversion & Output Management
PlanetPress Suite Datasheet
PlanetPress Design Datasheet
PlanetPress Watch Datasheet
PlanetPress Image Datasheet
PlanetPress Server Datasheet
Planet Press iWatch Datasheet

Post-Printing Equipment

Paper Processing Equipment Brochure

Bursters & Cutters
Formax FD 572 Cut-Sheet Cutter Datasheet
Formax FD 4170 Cut-Sheet Burster Datasheet
Formax FD 4400 Cut-Sheet Burster Datasheet
Formax FD 540 & 5500 Series Low-Volume Industrial Bursters Datasheet
Formax FD 566, 666 & 668 Medium-Volume Industrial Bursters Datasheet
Formax FD 670 & 680 High-Volume Industrial Bursters Datasheet

Check Signers
FlexChek Check Signing Software Datasheet
Formax FD 150 Cut-Sheet Check Signer Datasheet

Formax FD 590 Decollator Datasheet

Envelope Openers
Formax FD 450 Envelope Opener Datasheet

Folder Inserters
Formax FD 6102 Series Low-Volume Inserter Datasheet
Formax FD 6204 Series Low-Volume Folder Inserter Datasheet
Formax FD 6206 Series Compact Office Folder Inserter
Formax FD 6304 Series Medium-Volume Folder Inserter Datasheet
Formax FD 6404 Series High-Volume Folder Inserter Datasheet
Formax FD 6604 Series High-Volume Folder Inserter Datasheet
Formax FD 7200 Series Production-Level Folder Inserter Datasheet

Formax FD 402P1 Single-Bin Paper Jogger Datasheet
Formax FD 402P3 Three-Bin Paper Jogger Datasheet
Formax FD 402E2 Two-Bin Envelope Jogger Datasheet

Padding Press
StackMaster J1811 Padding Press Datasheet
StackMaster J1824 Padding Press Datasheet

Paper Folders
Formax FD 305 Paper Folder Datasheet
Formax FD 312 Paper Folder Datasheet
Formax FD 320 Paper Folder Datasheet
Formax FD 342 Paper Folder Datasheet
Formax FD 382 Paper Folder Datasheet
Formax FD 38X Paper Folder Datasheet
Formax FD 390 Paper Folder Datasheet

Pressure Seal Equipment
Formax Pressure Seal Equipment Datasheet
Formax FD 1200 Pressure Sealer Datasheet
Formax FD 1400 Pressure Sealer Datasheet
Formax FD 1500 Pressure Sealer Datasheet
Formax FD 2000 Pressure Sealer Datasheet
Formax FD 2030 Pressure Sealer Datasheet
Formax FD 2052 Pressure Sealer Datasheet
Formax FD 2000IL System Datasheet
Formax FD 2052IL System Datasheet
Formax FD 2084 Pressure Sealer Datasheet
Formax FD 2094 Pressure Sealer Datasheet 
Formax FD 2200 Series High-End Pressure Sealer Datasheet

Formax FD 8200CC & FD 8200SC Deskside Shredders Datasheet
Formax FD 8300CC & FD 8300SC Deskside Shredders Datasheet
Formax FD 8400CC & 8400SC Office Shredders Datasheet
Formax FD 8500CC & 8500SC Office Shredders Datasheet
Formax FD 8600CC & 8600SC Office Shredders Datasheet 
Formax FD 8702CC Office Shredders Datasheet 
Formax FD 8600CC & FD 8600SC Industrial Shredders
Datasheet Formax FD 8900CC & FD 8900B Industrial Shredders Datasheet