Our Customer Commitment

At Relyco, we are focused on our customers. Understanding and meeting our clients’ needs is always our first priority.

We are industry leaders

Our experience and expertise allows us to be at the innovative forefront of our industry. If somebody hasn’t created it yet, we will.

We guide you

Our consultative approach to all of our clients provides over 20 years of experience and knowledge to each project.

We answer your call

No matter what the issue may be, we are here for you. A live representative is always available to help you resolve any type of problem.

We save you money

Our team understands that cost is a driving factor in most business decisions. We work hard to find solutions that will meet your requirements and save you money.

“Providing excellent customer service is our reason for being here.”

More Reasons to Buy from Relyco...

  • For over 20 years Relyco has dedicated the business to partnering with customers as an innovative, strategic print and payment expert, delivering guaranteed business printing, e-payment, and fraud prevention solutions with industry-leading customer service.

  • Relyco’s growing family of over 10,000 customers is testament to our dedication to customer service and business consultation, paired with quality solutions that meet unique business requirements.

  • Relyco leads the industry with expertise in check and fraud prevention strategies, including ANSI / X-9 board membership to the Standards Committee on Banking that ensures security and standardization for facilitating Banking Operations. 

  • Relyco partners with leading global manufacturers to focus them on producing quality, innovative substrate and forms technologies that ensure our customers receive superior, value-added products above market standards. In fact, Relyco was chosen as the ONLY North American manufacturing and distributing partner by Samsung for its new line of MICR Laser Printers and check solutions.

  • When you purchase a Relyco solution you are getting a product that is guaranteed to perform to the highest of industry standards – and we work with you to understand your specific application so that we can provide you with the right product that meets your need. We also stand behind our products and guarantee their quality. By doing it right the first time, you will save money with Relyco.

  • When you call Relyco, you will always get a dedicated professional to speak with.  Here at Relyco, we value personal relationships and do not simply process orders.  We are experts and have extensive knowledge in all facets of print and payment solutions. With every customer conversation we deliver a promise that the product will work as specified - and we will solve any issue if it doesn’t meet your expectation.