Relyco Webinar Series

Relyco Business Printing & Payment Solutions Webinar Series

Relyco's Business Printing and Payment Solutions Webinar Series is designed to provide you with valuable information for making the right decisions on products and services that can help you save time and money. Please check out our On-Demand Webinars below. To view one of these Webinars, click on the links below to watch on-demand.

Implementing Electronic Payroll PayCards: Best Practices for Saving Time and Money

There are 21 million "unbanked" employees in the U.S., including many who work for all types of organizations, in support, temporary or contract roles. Paying these workers with checks is costly and cumbersome for the employer and the employees. Watch this webinar to learn more about payroll cards, and how they can help your organization provide a new employee benefit, and reduce costs. If your organization is considering eliminating paper checks, this webinar will help you learn what to look for and best practices for implementing a solutions that works for you. 

In this webinar, we discuss: 
-Demographics of the "unbanked" and under-banked population. 
-How payroll debit cards work, and how they end the need for checks and check-cashing fees. 
-Why there is typically zero cost to employers for implementing payroll debit cards. 
-How to evaluate payroll debit card solutions.


Offering Pay Stubs and W-2s Online: Reduce Costs by Going Paperless

In this webinar you will learn how Relyco’s DocAgent online paystub and W2 solution can quickly offer your employees copies of their paystubs and W2's online while reducing your administration costs by 70% or more. 

View the Webinar & Learn: 
• How to Reduce Paper, Labor and Storage Costs 
• The Benefits of Employee Self-Service 
• What Other Organizations are Doing 
• View a LIVE Demo of how easy DocAgent is to use


Multipart Form Webinar: Learn How to Create Your Own Carbonless Laser Forms

Watch Our Multipart Form Webinar:  Quickly Create Your Own Multipart Forms on REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper: Easy and Cost Effective 

Great for Estimates, Invoices, Statements, Receipts, Quotes, Applications, Inventory, Delivery, Reports, and Many More Types of Business Forms 

View Now to Learn About: 
• What is carbonless laser paper is and why it is different than traditional carbonless papers
•Time and money savings benefits of carbonless laser paper and on-demand form printing
•Leveraging your laser/digital printer to print completely custom multipart forms on-demand
•Application ideas for many different business types…we’ll show you real examples and customer     benefits
•How easy it is to get started…we’ll show you a multipart form creation demo


Printing Your Own Durable Signage on Waterproof Paper: Fast, Easy, and Affordable

REVLAR Waterproof, Durable, Tear-Resistant Laser Paper Ideal for Signage With REVLAR, printing your own signs can be fast, easy, and affordable. 

Relyco’s REVLAR laser paper is waterproof, tear-resistant and durable, as well as impervious to grease and chemicals, and designed to withstand high and low temperature fluctuations – making it ideal for printing signs of all types. 

REVLAR offers the image quality and printability of standard paper. Since it works in most laser printers and digital presses, you can now create and print durable signage when you need to, which can save you significant time and money. REVLAR is also affordable and eliminates the need for additional costly lamination.   

View Now to Learn About: 
• Waterproof paper…what it is and how you can start using it 
• Benefits of waterproof paper…weatherproof, tear-resistant, heat tolerant… 
• Leveraging your own laser/digital printer to print signage on-demand that will last 
• Application ideas…print your own signs now and we’ll show you real world examples 
• Sign creation and printing demo…it really is this easy 
• Time and money savings…print signs on-demand when you need them


In-House Check Printing Solutions: Save Time and Money Printing Your Own Checks

In this webinar, you will learn how to quickly and cost-effectively implement a complete in-house printing solution. We will show you everything you need to get started and how you can begin saving time and money printing your own checks. How to implement a complete in-house check printing solution.

  • The time and money saving benefits of printing your own checks
  • Components of a comprehensive in-house check printing solution
  • Check Printing and Signing Software
  • MICR Printers and Toner
  • Secure Laser Check Stock and Envelopes
  • Pressure Seal Check Solutions
  • See how easy it is to print your own checks


Learn How Personalized Digital Packaging Can Add POP to Your Business

In this webinar, you will learn how to quickly and cost-effectively create personalized 3-D digital packaging and promotional items that will instantly add POP to your business -- using your existing laser printer or digital press.

  • Quickly and cost-effectively produce personalized
  • 3-D promotional and packaging products
  • Leverage variable data printing capabilities on your existing laser printer or digital press
  • Easily design your own 3-D items using provided templates and unique die cut flat sheet substrates
  • Get creative and make your business POP



Learn How to Reduce Your Mailing Costs and Increase Your Open Rates with Pressure Seal Self Mailers

In this webinar, you will learn how to reduce your costs and increase your open rates with pressure seal self mailing solutions -- using your existing laser printer or digital copier.

Register to Learn How to:

  • Create mailers on your laser printer that get opened – 20% increase in your open rate 
  • Realize an immediate material cost savings by eliminating unbalanced inventories and envelopes  
  • Reduce processing time and labor costs by eliminating hand-folding and envelope stuffing – up to a 50% cost savings
  • Achieve greater accuracy and fewer errors with improved efficiencies and streamlined processing 
  • Enhance security for sensitive documents – checks, financial info, medical results, bills, and much more
  • Get started right away


Stop Laminating Paper: Durable Waterproof Laser Paper for Thousands of Applications

Join Relyco to learn about time and money saving ideas with waterproof (synthetic) laser paper.

In the webinar, you will learn about:

  • Waterproof paper...what it is and how you can start using it
  • Benefits of waterproof paper...weatherproof, tear-resistant, heat tolerant...
  • Leveraging your own laser/digital printer to print items on-demand that will last
  • Application ideas...many types of applications and real world examples
  • Time and money savings...stop laminating paper!



Carbonless Laser Forms: The Affordable and Green Choice for Creating Multi-Part Forms

From purchase orders to invoices, statements, shipping/return forms and more — Relyco’s REIMAGE carbonless laser paper is environmentally-friendly and certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). Additionally, REIMAGE is the most cost-effective multi-part forms solution — easing the transition from traditional, expensive methods to a print on-demand laser format that is quick and efficient to produce. Relyco guarantees that REIMAGE will run on your laser, digital and offset printers. REIMAGE comes pre-collated and ready-to-run to easily create 2-, 3-, or 4-part forms.

Register to Learn About the Benefits of Carbonless Laser Paper:
• Speed – Create multi-part forms instantly
• Laser Compatible – No printer-damaging chemicals
• Accuracy – Completely eliminates transcription errors
• Security – Any alteration to a copy is instantly evident
• Clarity – Provides a sharp copy image
• Cleanliness – Cannot smear or rub off
• Versatility – Forms can be reverse printed or color coded to suit business needs
• Cost-Effective – Print on-demand only what is need and avoid costly changes
• Environmentally-friendly – Uses materials that reduce environmental impact