Pressure Seal Security Features

Self-mailer Pressure Seal Solutions Security Features

Relyco’s ULTRASEAL self-mailer, pressure-seal solutions are available with stock and/or custom security features to protect the integrity of the checks, invoices, reports, statements, notices or other communications you mail.

ULTRASEAL stock Relyco Check Security Features include:

  • Copy-void pantograph ensures that when a pressure-seal check is photocopied, the word “void” appears on the copy.
  • Printed with white ink, simulated watermarks have a different reflectance than the base paper and can be seen at an angle. Plus, because the ink is white, it cannot be photocopied or scanned.
  • Microprinting prints text that is so small it appears as a line on the check to the naked eye. Only when magnified do the microprinted words become visible, making them extremely difficult to duplicate with a copier or scanner.
  • A padlock security icon appears on the front of the pressure-seal check to alert the teller that the check contains security features, and on the bottom back of the pressure-seal check, stating that there are additional security features embedded within the check design.
  • Anti-splice backer are horizontal or diagonal lines of varying thicknesses that are printed on the back of a pressure-seal check, making it difficult to alter information by the cut-and-paste method.
  • Image-friendly amount box that removes the security pantograph from the amount area of a pressure-seal check to insure that the courtesy amount can be more reliably scanned to ensure Check 21 compliance.
  • Security blockouts to provide increased security and confidentiality of printed data on pressure seal forms.

ULTRASEAL pressure seal checks incorporate the security features listed above, plus these five additional security features:

  • Gradient two-color pantograph is a multicolor background in which two colors change density and blend into each other, making the check very difficult to reproduce accurately on a color copier.
  • Transparent white or colorless, UV security ink can only be detected under ultraviolet light, so the authenticity of a pressure-seal document can be quickly verified. UV security inks cannot be reproduced on a scanner or copier.
  • Covert fluorescent fibers are added in the papermaking stage. Invisible to the untrained eye, these fibers "glow" when held under an ultraviolet light.
  • Solvent reactive color spotting reacts to polar and non-polar based solvents, resulting in a chemical stain. Solvents may be used to alter the paper.
  • Enhanced toner adhesion is a special surface treatment used to enhance the adhesion of toner to pressure seal forms.  

Custom security features include:

  • A warning band alerts the teller and/or check recipient to the presence of certain security features, which can be verified before processing the check.
  • Copy-void endorsement ensures that when an endorsement is photocopied, the word VOID appears on the photocopy.
  • If chlorine is used in an attempt to alter a check, a multilanguage chemical void enables the word "void" appears in six languages, making it difficult to alter a check without detection.
  • Thermochromic heat reactive ink is a special temperature-sensitive ink that causes the color to fade to white when held between fingers.

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