Storage and Handling

Laser Check Storage and Handling

To ensure optimum performance, Relyco Laser Checks should be stored and handled according to these guidelines.


  • Cartons of laser checks should be stored off the floor on pallets or shelves; ensure cartons are stacked upright and never stack more than five cartons on top of each other.
  • If cartons are stored on pallets, ensure that they are stacked so that the weight is distributed evenly. If cartons are stored on shelves, ensure that they are not pressed against one another or against an exterior wall.
  • Relyco laser checks should be stored in an environment where the temperature is between 68° F and 76°F and the relative humidity is between 35 and 55 percent. An increase or decrease in humidity can lead to paper jams and misfeeds.


  • Allow cartons to condition one to two days in advance of printing by placing them in the room with the printer.
  • After conditioning, unwrap reams of paper for one to two hours before printing.
  • Ensure that the supply of forms is rotated so that the older forms are used first. It is ideal to turn inventory over every eight to 12 months (Relyco will issue a reminder call to ensure that your inventory of laser checks doesn’t run out).
How to properly fan forms before loading them into your laser printer/digital press.

To Learn More

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