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Meet all your tax form requirements

business tax forms

Relyco can meet all your tax form requirements with Laser Cut Sheet Tax Forms; Pressure Seal, Self-Mailer Tax Forms; and Custom Tax Forms, as well as tax form envelopes. View our Tax form Video below to learn how to easily choose and order your 2013 business tax forms.

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Specially designed with the specific layout you need.

custom taxforms

Created for those organizations that need a business tax form customized to their specific requirements, Relyco’s custom tax forms are specially designed with the specific layout you need.


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Tax forms for all business needs

laser tax To ensure compatibility with your organization’s software, hardware and mailing requirements, Relyco offers a complete array of business tax form formats. Plus, Relyco tax forms are customizable to meet state and/or local government requirements.


A complete range of tax form options available
Relyco provides the tax forms to meet your specific requirements.  

Laser Cut Sheet Business Tax Forms 

W-2 Tax Tax Forms
Prepackaged Set W-2 Tax Forms
Combined Format W-2 Tax Forms
Combined Format Alternative W-2 Tax Forms
Blank Format W-2s
Prepackaged 1099s Sets
1099, page 1
1099, page 2
1099, page 3
Blank Format 1099 
W2C / W3 / W3C / 1096 / 1042S / W2G / W9




One-piece, easy-to-use tax forms

tax ult

Relyco ULTRASEAL® Pressure Seal Tax Forms are cost-effective, easy-to-use self mailers that eliminate the need for folding, insertion and envelopes. Available in blank or pre-printed formats, pressure seal tax forms offer a superior print quality. Plus, pre-printed pressure seal tax forms are offered in multiple layouts to meet your specific needs.

Self mailers designed to eliminate the need for envelopes -- as well as the time and expense of folding and insertion -- Relyco Pressure Seal Tax Forms are cost effective, versatile and easy to use.


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