ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal Tax Forms

One-piece, easy-to-use tax forms

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Relyco ULTRASEAL® Pressure Seal Tax Forms are cost-effective, easy-to-use self mailers that eliminate the need for folding, insertion and envelopes. Available in blank or pre-printed formats, pressure seal tax forms offer a superior print quality. Plus, pre-printed pressure seal tax forms are offered in multiple layouts to meet your specific needs.

Self mailers designed to eliminate the need for envelopes -- as well as the time and expense of folding and insertion -- Relyco Pressure Seal Tax Forms are cost effective, versatile and easy to use.


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-Easy-to-use forms eliminate the need for folding, insertion and envelopes; pressure seal folder sealers can fold and seal pressure seal tax forms at up to 40,000 forms per hour

-Cost-effective solution reduces processing time, increasing productivity and efficiency to save time and money; no envelopes required

-Customizable to an organization’s individual application and to meet state and local requirements


Pressure Seal equipment also available

Relyco also offers Pressure Seal Equipment to process all self-mailing forms, including tax forms, payroll checks, invoices, and statements.