Blank Laser Checks

blankcheck1b Even the most secure check printing system is vulnerable to fraud without the right check stock. As experts in the field of document security, our premium laser check paper offers up to 17 different security features to protect your business. Our knowledgeable staff provides expert check design and check security consultation to help you choose or design a check that minimizes the inherent risk of processing checks and shows you ways to add check security features without subtracting from the bottom line. We guarantee that all of our computer check products will meet your needs.

Protecting Confidential Information Just Got Easier



For customers who are interested in more security, the BASICHEK® line of computer checks offers 14 security features to help deter fraud. The most significant addition to the BASICHEK line of laser checks is the presence of Enhanced Toner Adhesion, commonly referred to as “Toner Grip.” This special coating on the BASICHEK offering of laser checks not only makes it difficult to lift or scrape the toner from the page, but it can even enhance the BASICHEK's printing performance through the laser printing equipment.

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Look No Further for Maximum Security



If you want the most comprehensive array of security features available on the market in a computer check, the DETERACHEK® line of premium laser check stock is the one for you. Loaded with 17 fraud-deterring security features, the DETERACHEK line is built tough to protect your business.

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Where Style and Security Come Together



The FUTURACHEK® line of laser check stock features an attractive, custom pantograph available in two color formats. Printed on premium safety paper, the FUTURACHEK line of computer checks offers several high-end security features not found together on other lines.

These features make it extremely difficult to alter the checks using a “chemical wash” – one of the most commonly used techniques for removing toner from a document. When exposed to chemicals or solvents, the specially manufactured paper reacts by creating dark, indelible stains, or the word “Void” in six different languages.

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Premium 3 ½” Laser Checks

MC3501 Red


For customers in need of a 3 ½” computer check, MAGNACHEK® is the answer. Our only laser check line offered in this size, MAGNACHEK delivers the same array of built-in security features to protect your confidential information.

With the same array of built-in security features as the BASICHEK® line, our MAGNACHEK line offers 3 1⁄2” checks – ideal for users who are converting to laser from traditional 7” continuous documents where both the check and stub are 3 1⁄2” tall.

MAGNACHEK laser checks are compatible with many software systems to print 3 ½” checks.

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The Most Secure Laser "Super Check" Features Securatek Copy Prevention Technology for Maximum Protection



Our ultra secure PROCHEK+PLUS line of premium blank laser check stock offers 16 security features including the latest innovation in check security – Securatek Copy Prevention Technology. The superior PROCHEK+PLUS computer check line delivers maximum protection.

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Where Affordability Meets Security



Our “entry level” laser check product, ULTRACHEK® far exceeds recommended banking standards for due diligence in terms of security while offering customers an affordable option for secure checking.

As our lowest priced premium computer check, ULTRACHEK may be our “entry level” product, but it far exceeds the recommended banking standards for due diligence in terms of security. With 11 fraud-deterring security features working for them, ULTRACHEK users can rest assured that they have taken appropriate measures to protect themselves from alteration, duplication, and other misuse of their documents.

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