FLEXCHEK Laser Check Printing and Signing Software


Enhance off-the-shelf accounting packages with the MICR check printing capabilities of Relyco FlexChek. Print fully formatted checks—with signature and MICR line—on high-security Relyco check stock, or combine with Relyco MICR printers and MICR toner for a complete solution.

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Secure and simplify business check printing—and eliminate the need for pre-printed checks

Compatible with any accounting package—including QuickBooks and Peachtree—FlexChek will secure and simplify your business check printing process.

FlexChek enables you to print fully formatted checks— including company and bank logos, the signature, check number, MICR line, and any other static information—onto high-security Relyco check stock using your traditional laser printer. Incorporate Relyco MICR toner and printers for an even more secure, comprehensive solution. Or, take advantage of the option for a secure password to ensure that only authorized users print checks.

  • Compatible with any off-the-shelf accounting software, including QuickBooks and Peachtree
  • Prints guaranteed accurate and readable MICR line printed as well as company logos, bank logos and signatures
  • Use with Relyco check stock and Relyco MICR printers and toner to protect check integrity; use optional password feature to ensure physical check security
  • Print checks as needed to eliminate the expense of pre-printed checks

Sign checks as they are printed…

Relyco’s FlexChek Check Signing Software works seamlessly with virtually any accounting software package. As you print checks, simply choose the FlexChek Check Signing Software print driver rather than your laser printer. FlexChek will automatically and securely apply the signature(s) and the checks are completely printed and signed in one pass.

Check-printing flexibility

FlexChek can manage an unlimited number of bank accounts or companies and offers the flexibility of printing checks in a single pass or separately to capture unique MICR lines, logos and signatures.

Plus, because FlexChek software is downloaded online, implementation is quick and easy, and Relyco’s technical support team is available to help as needed.

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