E-Document and Form Conversion Software

Relyco offers intelligent forms creation and management software solutions that enable you to take control of your forms management processes - including workflow management and the creation, printing and distribution of documents.
FormJet Form Design Take control of your forms creation and step up to FormJet with REIMAGE carbonless paper - the only combined solution that liberates you from the costs of pre-printed forms and old dot-matrix and impact printers - and steps you up to custom forms on the fly with laser printer speed and quality. TypeHaus has a proven history of liberating companies in every industry from the restrictions and waste of pre-printed forms. The TypeHaus FormJet and other solutions range from simple auto-printed form backgrounds to advanced on-the-fly print job reprocessing – including 1D and 2D barcodes - so simple!

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planetpress logo From on-demand printing to comprehensive forms management, the PlanetPress Suite offers a complete range forms printing solutions, including PlanetPress Design, PlanetPress Watch, PlanetPress Image, PlanetPress Server and PlanetPress iWatch.

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Formax MailDoc Software Suite – Cost-Saving Document Management Tools

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Save time and money on all of your mailings

Relyco offers the Formax MailDoc™ Software Suite and the new MailDoc Postal Module. The powerful, easy-to-use, software suite generates Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) or Bar Code Recognition (BCR) marks directly on documents for intelligent inserting of varying multi-page documents such as invoices and statements. The new MailDoc Postal Module further enhances postal savings with MailDoc™ by running addresses through CASS, PAVE First Class list management software with the optional use of NCOA list certification.

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