Formax FD 2052IL Pressure Sealer

Formax FD 2052IL Pressure Sealer


The FD 2052IL System allows operators to print, fold and seal pressure-sensitive one-piece mailers in one step, reducing processing time while increasing document security and confidentiality. The Formax FD 2052IL System works in-line with model-specific MICR and Non-MICR desktop laser printers with a fully enclosed paper path for increased document security.

The IL System incorporates the industry-leading fully-automatic FD 2052 AutoSealTM which features six automatic fold settings, a user-friendly LED control panel and the ability to store up to 9 custom folds into memory. The FD 2052IL is ideal for companies processing multiple fold types or for those who need a robust, desktop solution for larger mailings. WATCH VIDEO

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Standard Features:

  • Print, Fold and Seal: One-step process eliminates excess document handling
  • Document Security: Enclosed paper path from the printer to pressure sealer ensures security. Ideal for PIN notices or other confidential applications
  • Form Capabilities: Processes forms up to 14” in length
  • Printer Compatibility: Designed to work with HP/Troy P4015, P4014, 4350, 4250 & 4200 laser printers with two 500-sheet paper trays. A list of other compatible models is available.
  • Installation: Easy to install, no software required
  • Alignment Base: Special alignment base holds the printer and pressure sealer securely and slides apart for easy access to the paper path and fold plates
  • Pre-Programmed for 3 Popular Folds: Automatic fold plate setup for Z, C *, Half and custom folds
  • Custom Folds: Stores up to 9 different custom folds into memory
  • Fault Detector: Detects double feeding and any faults
  • Dedicated Use: Designed for in-line use only


  • P2052IL: Cost-saving package that includes FD 2052IL System, 18” conveyor and 2 cabinets
  • 4’ High-Capacity Conveyor w/Photo Eye: Allows for neat and sequential stacking of up to 1,500 processed forms
  • 18” Conveyor w/Photo Eye: Allows for neat and sequential stacking
  • Locking Cabinets: Fully enclosed for storage (2 cabinets required)

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