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Relyco ID and Membership Card Solutions

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How to Select the Right Card

Relyco’s ID and Membership cards are available in a range of styles, sizes and materials. Simply choose the ID/membership card that meets the quality, durability and cost requirements for your unique project.

Unsure how to choose the best solution? You can check out our Laser ID Cards Guide in or Expertise Center. Or, you can talk to a Relyco ID/membership card expert today and we can help you make the right choice. See our comprehensive selection of laser and digital ID and membership cards below and download our ID and membership cards brochure for application ideas.

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Here are just a few of the applications for Relyco laser ID and membership cards:

    • Insurance ID Cards— vehicle/boat, health, prescription, dental and vision cards
    • Education ID Cards college and universities, libraries, alumni groups, student activity and sporting event ID and membership cards
    • Healthcare ID Cards hospital, clinic, HMO, pharmacy and blood bank membership cards
    • Association ID Cards auto club, professional, political, union and industry membership cards
    • Financial ID Cards bank, credit union, finance company, brokerage firm and mutual fund ID card
    • Retail ID Cardsdiscount cards, VIP or Buyer's Club, Special Offer cards
    • Travel ID Cards hotel and resort, casino, airline, zoo and museum membership card
    • Manufacturing ID Cards bin tags, movie tickets, part tags and warranty cards
    • Direct mail ID Cards fundraising, catalog inserts, direct marketing and affinity program cards
    • Government ID Cards voter ID cards, vehicle registration cards, pesticide license, hunting license

Call us today at 1-800-777-7359 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on Relyco's ID and Membership Card solutions

Laser-compatible, easy-to-use identification and membership products


Designed to be laser and digital compatible, Relyco’s EZ-Card ID and membership cards are available in a wide range of materials (paper, laminate, polyester) to meet the requirements of your unique application.

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Laser-compatible magnetic and repositional poly cards

mag-rep cards

Use Relyco magnetic and repositional poly cards for your marketing and direct mail campaigns. When the cards are removed from the sheet, they become informational and advertising billboards for promoting your business, services and events. Most magnetic and repositional poly cards are placed for quick access to important information such as phone numbers, web sites, instructions, or other reminders.

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Versatile, plastic cards for a variety of applications

plastic cards

Relyco’s non-laser plastic cards address identification, marketing and promotional requirements across all industries, including retail, insurance and hospitality. Applications include discount cards, gift cards, membership cards, ID cards, hotel key cards, promotional debit cards, and store value cards.



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Self-laminating, laser-printer generated patient ID bracelets

laseband image2

Ideally suited to hospitals and medical clinics, LaserBand ID Wristbands are self-laminating and laser-printer generated, with integrated admission labels. Choose between the Original LaserBand or the more advanced LaserBand2.


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Custom cards to meet your unique application

custom ID cards

If a stock item does not meet your needs or you have a unique application, Relyco can work with you to design a custom ID/membership card solution just for you. Whether it's to incorporate and highlight your organization's brand, distinguish yourself with full color, or to create a specific design to meet your exact requirements, Relyco can create a custom product that will meet your needs.


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