LaserBand ID Wristbands

Self-laminating, laser-printer generated patient ID bracelets

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Ideally suited to hospitals and medical clinics, LaserBand ID Wristbands are self-laminating and laser-printer generated, with integrated admission labels. Choose between the Original LaserBand or the more advanced LaserBand2.


Designed for hospitals and medical clinics, LaserBand is a self-laminating, laser-printer generated, patient ID bracelet with admission labels printed on a single sheet.

LaserBand is available in two options—the Original LaserBand and LaserBand2—with a range of wristband/label combinations to meet the unique requirements of your healthcare organization.

  • Prints on a standard laser printer; no need for special printer trays—available in a standard 8 ½” x 11” size
  • Prints laser identification bracelet and labels on a single sheet to ensure accuracy and meet security and confidentiality requirements; identification bracelet and 20 labels can be imaged and bar coded simultaneously
  • Large image space allows for printing of large fonts and bar codes for improved patient identification
  • Clear film overlay protects imaged information and provides a moisture barrier
  • Size flexibility ensures that LaserBand wristbands will fit small, medium and large wrists

Relyco offers stock LaserBand wristbands in quantities as low as 1,000; custom formats/configurations are also available.


Original LaserBand®

Wristbands, labels and combination solutions for all patients

Healthcare and medical facilities trust Original LaserBand brand of ID bracelets. These self-laminating, laser printer generated, patient identification of wristbands are available in a variety of formats and will print through any laser printer!

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Advanced wristband, label and combination products

LaserBand2 is an advanced line of laser identification wristband designed to accommodate the special requirements of your healthcare organization. The advanced label and wristband/label combination design are especially suited for adult, baby, pediatric, or specialty identification needs.