Relyco EZ-Card

Laser-compatible, easy-to-use identification and membership products


Designed to be laser and digital compatible, Relyco’s EZ-Card ID and membership cards are available in a wide range of materials (paper, laminate, polyester) to meet the requirements of your unique application.

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Download the Relyco ID and Membership Card brochure for application ideas and how to select the right card for you.

EZ-Card In-Laid Poly Laser Cards
Relyco's in-laid plastic ID and membership cards are made of 7-mil plastic/poly affixed to a paper carrier sheet with a "debossed well" in which the card sits -- making the overall document coplanar. This construction enables the ID/membership cards to smoothly run through a laser/digital printer for jam-free personalization.

EZ-Card Integrated Laser Cards
Paper, laminate, or poly cards are integrated on the carrier sheet with a plastic "patch," which is positioned at the back of the card, enabling the card to peel away from the carrier. This also allows the cards to be fully laser and digital printer compatible.

EZ-Card Die-Cut Laser Cards
Unlike Relyco's in-laid cards, which are affixed to a carrier sheet, die-cut laser cards are created by perforating or die-cutting the carrier sheet. A user simply punches out the card. Die-cut lase ID and membership cards can either be paper or polyester, depending on the specific application and budget of the project.

Features and Benefits

  • Paper, laminate, and polyester (up to 13 mil) card types available
  • Poly cards waterproof, durable and tear resistant
  • Card formats are available with 1,2,3,4, or 6 cards per sheet
  • Sheet sizes include 8 1/2” X 10 7/8”, 8 1/2” X 11”, 8 1/2” X 13 7/8”, 8 1/2” X 14”, 11” X 17”, and 12” X 18”
  • Card types include standard, snowman, butterfly, and caterpillar
  • Simplex and duplex printing options available

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 Download the Relyco ID and Membership Card brochure for application ideas and how to select the right card for you