Multipurpose Security Paper

Ensure the security of original documents

multipurpose security

Ideal for any business or organization—including government, retail, events, education, healthcare, and legal—that needs to protect the integrity of its original documents, multipurpose security paper will print “UNAUTHORIZED COPY” on every photocopied sheet.


Ideal for any business or organization—including government, retail, education, healthcare, and legal—that needs to protect the integrity of its original documents, Relyco’s multipurpose security paper and coupon features a embedded pantograph that causes the words “UNAUTHORIZED COPY” to appear repeatedly on every photocopied sheet. In addition, multipurpose security paper contains an artificial, coin-reactive watermark that is printed using a special ink, which does not appear on photocopies.

Available with a blue tint, multipurpose security paper is commonly used for wills, grade reports, transcripts, insurance policies, contracts, deeds, titles and other legal documents.

  • Embedded security features—including a pantograph and watermark—ensure the integrity of original documents
  • Laser-compatible paper, available with blue tint

Relyco & DSS – Secure Document Solutions

Relyco’s partnership with DSS (Document Security Systems, Inc.), the leader in customized document protection solutions has allowed the development and release of the most secure, protected documents in the world, including checks, coupons, secure documents and more. In fact, the recent release of Relyco’s PROCHEK+PLUS™, the industry’s first “Super Check,” offers the most secure blank laser check stock available featuring 16 fraud deterring security features, including Securatek™ Copy Prevention Technology, the newest development in check security.

Recommended Coupon Features
  • Pantograph 4000 - the latest generation void pantograph technology that makes coupons that not only can't be copied correctly but also can't be scanned accurately.
  • Barcode Barricade - feature that protects bar codes by greatly reducing their function on copies and scans.
  • Block-Out - a color copy protection feature that results in all black or highly distorted color copies from certain high-end models of copiers.

The secure print facility from Relyco's DSS partner and its team of experienced security printing professionals
make sure that over runs are destroyed and all art files and samples are locked up. We can even offer gps tracking of your shipment. Our commitment to security includes even the physical security of your coupons while in production.

Prefer your coupons digitally delivered, but still want security features? We can do that too!

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