Secure Prescription-Medical Paper

Protect prescriptions and medical records from illegal duplication or alteration

 securitypaper2hc With security features incorporated into its design, secure prescription/medical paper ensures that prescriptions and medical records are protected from illegal duplication and/or alteration.


Highly secure and laser compatible, Relyco’s secure prescription/medical paper is designed to incorporate the latest security features, including:

copyvoid icon Copy-void pantographs, which ensure that the word “Void” appears when the paper is photocopied
watermark icon Artificial watermarks that are printed using a special, coin-reactive ink, which does not show up on photocopies
toneradhesion icon Toner adhesion, an invisible coating on the front and back of the paper to help anchor the toner securely to the sheet, making it difficult to alter or remove
uvfiber icon Fluorescent fibers that are visible only with a black light and are impossible to replicate with a copier
chemicalreactive icon Chemical reactivity designed to ensure that exposure to solvents—including chemicals used to lift or “wash” toner from a page—will cause noticeable, indelible stains that make tampering obvious and render the paper useless
thermo icon Thermochromic ink, which is a heat-reactive ink that disappears or “drops out” when photocopied, exposed to a heat source, rubbed with a fingertip, or even breathed upon, and can be used to verify a document’s authenticity

Applications for secure prescription/medical paper include prescription pads, confidential patient files and records and medical tests and results.