Virtually Indestructible Revlar Waterproof Colors

For applications that need color, durability and the ability to withstand the elements, REVLAR waterproof colors, available in vibrant and pastel papers, are a great solution. Save ink, toner, time and resources by eliminating flood coating and lamination.

REVLAR waterproof colors are tear-proof and durable, as well as impervious to grease and chemicals, and designed to withstand high and low temperature fluctuations.


What Do REVLAR Vibrant and Pastel Colors offer?

REVLAR vibrant and pastel colors offer more versatility and opportunity to bring your applications to life. These six vibrant colors and four pastel colors are perfect for creating holiday, retail and construction signage; advertisements, tags, labels, posters, flyers, crafts and more!

With full color there is no longer a need to flood coat a sheet of white paper. They can also be folded, punched or die cut as needed, making it valuable for thousands of applications.


  • Vibrant Colors include: fiery red, majestic blue, blazing orange, brilliant yellow, spring green, desert sand, and midnight black.
  • Pastel Colors include: pastel pink, pastel yellow, pastel green and pastel blue
  • Durable, tear-proof and waterproof to withstand rain, heat and temperature variations; deters grease, solvent and chemicals
  • Works in almost any laser/digital printer/press—talk to us today about your printer
  • Certified for use on many digital presses, including Kodak, Xerox, Ricoh, Canon, Konica Minolta, and more…
  • Superior laser image quality and fully weatherproof – with the appearance, smoothness and printability of standard paper; works in any standard laser printer
  • Cost-effective to use; more affordable—and faster to produce—than laminated materials—no need to laminate
  • Thickness is 5 mill
  • Standard sizes include 8.5″ x 11″ and 12″ x 18″ – custom sizes can be ordered

Client Stories

REVLAR was innovative and creative. It was also weather resistant and durable enough to withstand use around the pool and in the club; plus it was affordable enough to align with the client’s budget. Importantly, as the vendor who would produce the ‘Green Valley Cash,’ we appreciated that REVLAR was available in a range of thicknesses, colors, and finishes and could hold ink with traditional or digital printing.

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- Leigh Lieman PR Marketing Director, Miller's Minuteman Press

Check out Revlar Solutions by Industry

Here are just a few of the applications for which REVLAR Colors have been used.

  • hospitality printing solutions
    • Menus
    • Placemats
    • Hotel door handle tags
    • Water-bottle labels
    • Event passes
    • Signage
  • retail printing solutions
    • Shelf wobblers/danglers
    • Signage
    • Retail tags/clothing labels
    • Point-of-sale banners/signs
    • Point-of-purchase displays
    • Key cards for store incentive programs
  • education printing solutions
    • Signage
    • Book covers
    • Personalized rulers/book marks
    • Student ID cards
    • Parking passes/permit hangers
    • Flash cards
  • government printing solutions
    • ID cards
    • Transit/city maps
    • Parking tickets
    • Permits/regulations
    • Training manuals
    • Military field manuals
    • Signage
  • medical printing solutions
    • Hospital manuals
    • ID tags/cards
    • Signage
    • Emergency guides
  • industrial printing solutions
    • Badges
    • Chemical drum tags
    • Construction signage
    • Crate/pallet tags
  • recreational printing solutions
    • Runner’s/cyclist’s bibs
    • Trail maps
    • Event passes
    • Golf score cards
    • Signage
    • Lift tickets
  • multi-industry printing solutions
    • Tab dividers
    • Tickets
    • Posters
    • Signage
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