ID and Membership Card Solutions

Relyco’s ID and membership cards are available in a range of styles, sizes and materials. Simply choose the ID/membership card that meets the quality, durability and cost requirements for your unique project.

If a stock item does not meet your needs or you have a unique application, Relyco can work with you to design a custom ID/membership card solution just for you.

  • Custom ID & Membership Cards

    Whether it’s to incorporate and highlight your organization’s brand, distinguish yourself with full color, or to create a specific design to meet your exact requirements, Relyco can create a custom ID/membership card solution that will meet your needs.

  • LaserBand ID Wristbands

    Ideally suited to hospitals and medical clinics, LaserBand ID Wristbands are self-laminating and laser-printer generated, with integrated admission labels. Choose between the Original LaserBand or the more advanced LaserBand2.

  • Plastic Cards

    Relyco’s non-laser plastic cards address identification, marketing and promotional requirements across all industries, including retail, insurance and hospitality. Applications include discount cards, gift cards, membership cards, ID cards, hotel key cards, promotional debit cards, and store value cards.

  • Relyco EZ-Card

    Designed to be laser and digital compatible, Relyco’s EZ-Card ID and membership cards are available in a wide range of materials (paper, laminate, polyester) to meet the requirements of your unique application.

  • Relyco Repositional Cards

    Use Relyco laser-compatible repositional poly cards for your marketing and direct mail campaigns. When the cards are removed from the sheet, they become informational and advertising billboards for promoting your business, services and events. Most repositional poly cards are placed for quick access to important information such as phone numbers, web sites, instructions, or other reminders.

Client Stories

The Relyco EZ-Card provides an attractive way to invite our generous donors to visit the museum, and the peel-off card really helps us make that point.

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- Tim Holmes Membership and Appeals Officer, The Wild Center
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