Plastic Cards

Relyco’s non-laser plastic cards address identification, marketing and promotional requirements across all industries, including retail, insurance and hospitality.

Applications include discount cards, gift cards, membership cards, ID cards, hotel key cards, promotional debit cards, and store value cards.

Choose from a broad range of options including full process color to create a unique marketing piece to enhance your organization’s brand.

Available in sizes from 7 mm to 30 mm, you can choose the thickness that best suits your application. For example, 10 mm is ideal for a business card, while 20 mm is better for a phone card and 30 mm is best for a key card.

Incorporate magnetic stripes, signature panels, bar codes and other personalization options to collect valuable data. (Please note that magnetic stripes are typically not available for laser applications since cards that are rigid enough to support a magnetic stripe are too thick to pass through a laser printer.)

Features and Benefits

  • Customizable Design
  • High-quality print allows for a better company image
  • Incorporate magnetic strip, signature panels or bar codes to collect valuable data

Available in a Range of Thicknesses

  • From 7 mm to 30 mm
  • Use the thickness that best suits your application and budget requirements

Security Capabilities

  • Chip card manufacturing equipment
  • Guilloche pattern
  • Watermark technology
  • Embedded holograms
  • Micro-fine printing
  • DNA Matrix

Client Stories

The Relyco EZ-Card provides an attractive way to invite our generous donors to visit the museum, and the peel-off card really helps us make that point.

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- Tim Holmes Membership and Appeals Officer, The Wild Center

Check out Plastic Cards by Industry

Here are just a few of the applications for which Plastic Cards have been used.

  • hospitality printing solutions
    • Promotional Mailings
    • Discount Coupons
    • Membership Cards
  • retail printing solutions
    • Promotional Mailings
    • Discount Coupons
    • Membership Cards
  • education printing solutions
    • Student ID Cards
    • Employee ID Cards
    • Visitor Cards
  • government printing solutions
    • Employee ID Cards
    • Temporary Visitor ID Cards
    • Visitor Cards
  • medical printing solutions
    • Membership Cards
    • Appointment Cards
  • industrial printing solutions
    • Employee ID Cards
    • Temporary Visitor ID Cards
    • Visitor Cards
  • financial printing solutions
    • Welcome Letter with ID Card
    • Employee ID Cards
    • Temporary Visitor ID Cards
  • multi-industry printing solutions
    • Membership Cards
    • Donor Cards
    • Loyalty Cards
    • Value Cards
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