Rosetta Technologies MICR Printers

Designed for small and medium size businesses with relatively low-volumes of output, Rosetta offers a low cost MICR printer. The SP 3300 laser MICR printer outputs up to 30 laser checks per minute.


Rosetta 3500 MICR Printer Series

  • 30 pages per minute
  • 2-line tilting LCD control panel
  • ANSI-compliant
  • MICR guarantee
  • Ethernet/USB connectivity
  • MICR toner cartridge included

The Rosetta SP 3500N MICR/SP 3510DN MICR provides small and medium-sized businesses with an economical option for a reliable, high-quality MICR printer that offers valuable features such as high-speed processing and standard Ethernet connectivity. The SP 3500N/3510DN MICR can tackle all check printing and general office printing by offering users the ability to use standard or MICR toner.

The front-facing design enables any user to quickly replace consumables and the tiltable LCD control panel makes it
easy to view system status and access key functions quickly and easily.


Rosetta 5200 MICR Printer Series

  • Higher throughput speeds than most workgroup MICR printers
  • 47 or 52 pages per minute
  • ANSI-compliant MICR output
  • MICR cartridge included
  • Security features to protect your financial transactions
  • Low total cost of ownership

The SP 5200 printer suite is designed to meet short print window requirements as compared to typical Workgroup/Desktop devices while providing additional security features over other similar printers. Rosetta Technologies has incorporated its world-class MICR technology into these devices, providing the same high quality, reliability, and productivity found in all Rosetta MICR printers. The SP 5200 suite of printers will provide you with a reliable and scalable device to meet your changing business needs and volumes.

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We knew Relyco would provide a high-quality product delivered at a competitive price and meet our tight timeline. We’ve never considered looking elsewhere, but I’m sure we would be hard pressed to find another vendor who could do the same.

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