Source Technologies MICR Printers

With speeds ranging from 35 to 55 pages per minute, the Source Technologies MICR printers are ideal for workgroup MICR check printing applications.

Source Technologies has been the exclusive co-development partner with Lexmark since 1996, for all their MICR printing solutions.  Built on a Lexmark base engine, Source Technologies creates a MICR printer that adds 15 distinct security features, from better toner adhesion to data encryption.

The 9700 series of MICR printers, ranging in speeds from 35 to 55 PPM, offer both small printers with a monthly recommended volume of 2500 pages to larger engines capable of 20,000 pages per month.

Many of these printers come duplex capable, with wireless connectivity on all models and parallel/serial connectivity on the 9722/9730. Source provides OEM MICR toner for US banking requirements, as well as toner specifically formulated for Canada, and the current CPA check printing recommendations.

ST 9730 MICR Printer Series

With a print speed of 55ppm, the ST9730 network-ready MICR printer quickly and easily performs complicated office tasks while maintaining an efficient check/form printing operation. Fast first-page print output, multiple toner options along with a high duty cycle make this MICR printer ideal for official and cashier’s check and money order issuance. Download The Datasheet.

ST 9650 MICR Printer Series

The ST9650 network-ready MICR printer offers fast first-page output, multiple toner options, and a high duty cycle. The front USB direct interface provides for easy walk-up printing of PDFs or other image files. Get outstanding print quality with up to 1200 x 1200 dpi with automatic darkness adjustments. Increase customer service by expediting your check issuance system. Download the Datasheet.

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