ePayment and ePayroll Solutions

Relyco offers innovative ePayment and ePayroll solutions to help you convert to electronic payment methods.

As an expert in payment and payroll solutions, Relyco has been helping customers solve their challenges with innovative and secure products since 1989.

Today, the demand is to move to more efficient and cost-saving electronic payment and payroll solutions. Relyco can deliver automated solutions to help you reduce time and costs spent on paper payment processes.

  • AvidXchange Automated Accounts Payable

    Financial executives have a common goal: finding ways to decrease overhead and operating expenses, so that cost centers become profit centers. Our trusted partner, AvidXchange offers an industry-leading automated accounts payable solution for the mid-market. Once you’re automated, managers can better utilize their accounting staff in other capacities, additionally increasing profits.

  • DocAgent Online Paystub and W2 Software

    Electronic paystubs, W-2’s and 1099’s, offered from Relyco significantly reduce operating expenses related to printing and delivering payroll paystubs and tax documents, while enhancing the direct deposit services that your company may already provide employees.

  • Paymode-X Settlement Network

    Paymode-X® is the largest and fastest growing settlement network for businesses. More than 230,000 organizations worldwide have chosen Paymode-X to accelerate the conversion of checks to electronic payments and achieve significant financial returns. Paymode-X delivers industry-leading ACH, global EFT, digital remittance and e-invoicing technology. Customized Vendor onboarding services and an easy-to-implement software-as-a-service model make AP automation easy for organizations.

  • rapid! Payroll Paycards

    The Payroll PayCards offered by Relyco provide your company with one of the most comprehensive paycard benefit and Electronic Payroll program. Designed for employers choosing to convert to electronic delivery of payroll at zero cost, the payroll paycards eliminate paper in the payroll office and benefit employers, employees and the environment.

Client Stories

We knew Relyco would provide a high-quality product delivered at a competitive price and meet our tight timeline. We’ve never considered looking elsewhere, but I’m sure we would be hard pressed to find another vendor who could do the same.

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Assistant to the President and Chief Financial Officer, Cook Illinois Corporation
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