Loreen Rosenthal

Get to Know Relyco – Loreen Rosenthal, Sales Support

Loreen Rosenthal has worked at Relyco for over ten years. She spent 30 years in the print industry prior to coming here and both of her parents worked in the paper industry, so she truly comes from a print and paper background! When asked to describe her, all of her co-workers first mentioned Loreen's love of animals, particularly her horses.
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Improving Restaurant Kitchen Efficiency with Waterproof Paper

Improving Restaurant Kitchen Efficiency with Waterproof Paper

In any busy restaurant kitchen, maximizing speed of service and plate presentation quality is the most important goal. There needs to be consistency throughout the meal prep process. From preparing salads and desserts, to crafting each entree to the chef’s specifications, all of the details matter. Every operation runs more effectively when a process is standardized and employees are correctly trained for consistency.
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Tyler Ruane

Get to Know Relyco – Tyler Ruane, eCommerce Marketing & Sales Manager

Tyler Ruane has worked at Relyco for a little over a year. He started out as a Business Development Representative and is now our eCommerce Marketing & Sales Manager, which is a new and exciting role! He stays busy optimizing and growing our online store, creating accounts, spearheading various marketing campaigns, representing Relyco at trade shows and working with customers. Tyler is really funny and always up for a laugh. He delights in razzing his co-workers to keep things light and fun.
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Kyle Mulrey

Get to Know Relyco – Kyle Mulrey, Accountant

Kyle Mulrey has worked at Relyco as an Accountant for a little over a year. We call him Southie because he has a thick South Boston accent. It's incredible. His accent is so pronounced that many of us thought it was a joke during initial conversations with him. We're used to encountering New England accents around here, but a young person directly from South Boston is a whole different thing!
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Mycca Dutson

Get to Know Relyco – Mycca Dutson, Account Manager

Mycca Dutson is an Account Manager at Relyco. A year ago, Relyco acquired Piracle Supply Sales. Mycca was a Supplies Account Manager at Piracle and we brought her on board as a full-time Relyco employee during the acquisition. We know how much her customers love her! They are glad to continue working with the same person and we are thrilled to have Mycca as part of the Relyco family!
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Custom ID Cards: For Your Wonderfully Unique Projects

Let's face it, sometimes a one-size-fits-all solution doesn't actually work for every business. It can work for most projects, but maybe not all. When it comes to loyalty, ID and membership cards, there are a lot of variables. If you find that you have an ID card project that can't be addressed with an out of the box item, there's no need to worry. We help customers with custom ID card projects all the time.
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Cindy Talon

Get to Know Relyco – Cindy Talon, Client Services Representative

Cindy Talon is one of our Client Services Representatives. She has worked at Relyco for 16 years! We have a three person CSR team and they have extremely busy jobs; there is never a dull moment for them. Cindy can initially come across as a pretty quiet person, but once you speak to her, you'll realize that she's really sweet and quite chipper! She's always friendly and just all-around pleasant.
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