REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper Customer Testimonial

Ammunition Manufacturer Saves Time and Money Printing Carbonless Forms – A Customer Story

Ammunition Manufacturer Saves Time and Money Printing Carbonless Forms – A Customer Story

American Ordnance, a subsidiary of Day & Zimmerman, manufactures ammunition for the U.S. military at locations in Tennessee and Iowa. As it ships ammunition to U.S. military installations, it is critical to be able to monitor each shipment in transit.
Specialized forms need to accompany each shipment, but their traditional carbon paper forms were becoming cumbersome and costly. Here’s how our carbonless forms helped streamline operations and save the company money.

The Customer Challenge
The company produces four copies of the form for each shipment, including the packing slip and bill of lading which details the enclosed merchandize and gives title of that shipment to a specified party. One copy stays at the plant, and the others need to be signed as the shipment reaches each installation. As shipping manager Brad Vance explains, specialized forms accompany each shipment.

“We average 50 shipments each week and produce four copies of each shipping form–including the packing slip and bill of lading–one that stays at the three that must be signed as the shipment reaches each installation,” Vance says. “Until four years ago, the four copies of each form were created using carbon paper–an average of 240 sheets per week. Creating the forms and using them in transit was an expensive and messy process.”

The RELYCO Solution

American Ordnance needed a way to reduce costs and streamline it processes. Our cost-effective carbonless forms solution led American Ordnance to RELYCO. Since instituting the use of REIMAGE carbonless laser paper, American Ordnance not only has seen the benefits of using a carbonless solution, but has realized significant savings in costs and time.
The ease of use of the product has been a key factor in assuring a smooth flow of shipping documents from the manufacturing facility to its final destination. Read the full case study here.

Benefits of Printing Carbonless Forms In-House

Carbonless laser forms are a cost effective and versatile solution. They will run on every machine, including laser, offset press, high-speed copiers and digital duplicators.
And a huge benefit over pre-printed forms is that if you change an address, a phone number or conditions, you don’t have to toss the unused portion of your forms. You simply print your own carbonless forms with the most pertinent information and you will always have updated information; no reprinting necessary.

For more information on carbonless forms call us at 800.777.7359 or request free samples below.


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