Bonnie Chase Designs on Creative Uses for Waterproof REVLAR

Bonnie Chase Designs has some creative uses for REVLAR waterproof paper. She makes wine-proof party supplies, with great success!


Our latest Photo Applications Contest submission comes from Bonnie Chase Designs.

Bonnie told us her brain was “swimming with ideas” when she learned about our contest, but one experience using REVLAR waterproof paper stood out to her:

“I made some very original wine glass tags for a Halloween party, with the guests names. They loved them and wanted to take them but they were not made to last as wine dripped all over my ‘witches.’ Fast forward to your ‘wine proof’ product! I am on a roll making them in a variety of themes, and people are loving them. Today I made a matching set of coasters and tags printed on my HP Color Laser jetpro252 with beautiful results.”

REVLAR waterproof paper is virtually indestructible, tear-resistant and durable, as well as impervious to grease and chemicals. Oh, and according to Bonnie Chase Designs, wine-proof as well. The fully synthetic paper is perfect for printable coasters and wine tags as it can fend off the darkest of vintages.

The possibilities with REVLAR waterproof paper are endless. In addition to coasters and wine tags, it can be used for things such as menus, license plates, outdoor signs, brochures, id cards, wristband, etc. Be as creative as you want. REVLAR is valuable for thousands of applications. No matter what your use for REVLAR is, you can be sure that the image quality of your design will never be compromised.

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