A New Generation of Custom Digital Packaging: from Flat to Fantastic

You’ve heard naysayers say that “print is dying.” But those of us in the industry know that, far from becoming extinct, print is evolving.

Custom Digital Packaging

You’ve heard naysayers say that “print is dying.” But those of us in the industry know that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, advancements in equipment and substrates are only making print better. Far from becoming extinct, print is evolving.

Custom three-dimensional digital packaging is one such category of substrates that has evolved into an easier to use, more cost-effective product.

DigiPOP is Relyco’s custom digital packaging substrate, featuring pre-perforated flat sheet designs you create on a provided template, print, and then pop out to create a three-dimensional marketing pieces like table tents, personalized gift boxes, megaphones, and custom coffee cup sleeves.

What’s New in Generation Two?

Super convenience. With the second generation of DigiPop, there’s no more tedious punching out and folding. Now it is just print, peel, fold, and done.


Generation Two of DigiPOP still has the same flat glossy surface that works exceptionally well on almost all of the large format or digital printers, but now has a crisp die-cut clean edge technology that allows printers to produce efficient, short-run packaging solutions with exceptional print quality, easy to lift off images and quick folding capabilities.

Who Should Use Our Custom Digital Packaging?DigiPOP megaphone

What does this new and improved product mean for printers, printer manufacturers and marketers?

Printers: another line of short-run and eye-catching products that won’t challenge customer’s assembly skills and meets the demands of marketing customers from every industry. With its printer ready flat sheet format, it is ready to load and go.

Printer Manufacturers (OEMs): these manufacturer pre-qualified three-dimensional products help showcase a printers’ printing capabilities, providing outstanding color reproduction, flawless performance, smooth runability and fast and efficient folding—making them great pVariable Data Printing Golf box - foldedieces to display at trade shows, dealer shows or on sales appointments.

Marketers: Direct mail is returning to the B2B marketing mix. Variable data printing allows marketers to send personalized dimensional mailers adding impressive personal touches to cross- channel campaigns.

Not only are the available templates for each stock item cost effective, but they save design and set-up time. If a stock design won’t do, custom designs can be created.

Reasons to Consider DigiPOP

DigiPOP eliminates cost and time barriers in getting customized, personalized pieces to targeted markets. There is no need to order hundreds of sheets when you need just a few.

Printers can efficiently print short-run on-demand products as needed, delivering unique and affordable personalized presentation items on the customer’s schedule. And don’t forget the time saving benefits of the lift-off and fold feature.

Among the many packaging items available are 4”x4” cube boxes, golf ball boxes, playing card boxes, bottle hangers, cup sleeves, table tents, pillow boxes, door hangers and megaphones just to name a few.

For more information about the new DigiPOP, please contact a Relyco representative.

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