Museum Uses Peel Off Membership Card for Donor Members

An EZ card provides an attractive way for The Wild Center to invite the museum’s generous donors to visit. Donors receive a customized peel-off membership card with a thank you letter!

Membership Card

The Wild Center is a science-based natural history museum located in the heart of the Adirondack Park in northern New York. The Museum’s indoor space is filled with a variety of learning experiences and opportunities, from live otters, amphibians and fish to interactive exhibits, films, naturalist programs and videos highlighting important research in the Adirondack Park. Outside, there are naturalist-led tours, hikes and interpretive exhibits that change by the season.

The Wild Center has a variety of membership levels and provides the traditional membership card to each new and renewing member. The museum also offers membership-type benefits to its generous donors, but those admission opportunities and other benefits are not always easy to convey.

“We wanted a donor card option for those good friends of The Wild Center who do not participate in the regular membership program, and this product serves that purpose very well. The Relyco EZ card provides an attractive way to invite our generous donors to visit the museum, and the peel-off card really helps us make that point,” said Tim Holmes, Membership and Appeals Officer for The Wild Center.

The Wild Center purchased our EZ cards because they were able to fully customize the cards and letter exactly how they wanted them. EZ cards help The Wild Center maintain the distinction between memberships and donations, while providing an attractive, tangible invitation for its donors to visit the museum. As with regular member cards, the card can also be scanned at admissions so that the museum has a record of their visits.

Are you interested in trying them out for yourself? EZ cards are user-friendly and compatible with most laser printers, but we always urge folks to test before they buy. Request free samples by clicking here or on the button below to try them out. Make sure to let us know the type of membership card you’d like to try.

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