How Data-Driven Marketing Benefits Print Shops

Data-driven marketing is the way of the future (and present) for print shops the world over. Here’s how you can embrace it effectively.


Print shops are benefiting mightily from the digital revolution, as we’ve discussed, with the benefits of cheaper technology and wider reach tending to get the headlines. Data is no less valuable in the world of print, but it does seem to be the afterthought in the marketing conversation at times.

Now more than ever, anyone marketing and advertising in the print industry needs data to properly target their efforts, learn who their ideal prospects are, and ultimately forge meaningful connections. At GRAPH EXPO, we learned how results-focused marketers in the industry (and we assume that’s all of you!) can make data work for you.

Data-Driven Marketing Drives Retention

In a survey conducted by InfoTrends, nearly 40% of those polled said their most important business objectives were to either improve the customer experience or increase customer loyalty.

In both cases, it makes sense to know who your customer is and what they care about, so that you can tailor both your messaging and your products to your audience. Over 75% of InfoTrends’ respondents said that customization was a key focus for them in the year ahead, and the advent of new technology and better data have combined to make that customization possible.

Data Enables Customization

Consider this scenario: You have a customer who needs 1,000 customized direct mail pieces. Even 10 years ago, that would have been a daunting and time-consuming order to fill, but with access to digital print technology and a decent grasp on data management, you can cheerfully fill that order.

When you consider that 61% of U.S. consumers feel better about a company after receiving a printed piece that has been personalized, versus one that has not, and that the businesses you work with are very likely to be aware of the benefits of personalization, your ability to deliver customization could wind up being a key differentiator for you.

The Data Frontier

While it keeps getting easier to find and use quality data, there are hurdles to overcome, as highlighted in the InfoTrends survey. A full 96% told InfoTrends they find predictive data modeling challenging, and 96% also said they found data segmentation and analysis to be a small-to-significant challenge. Some of these challenges can be solved by using a quality contact management system.

As quality customer data becomes easier and easier to access, and the tools available to parse that data become more powerful, there’s no excuse to avoid the kind of customization that can win you new customers and please existing ones. Check out our ebook below for more ways to drive your print shop forward into the future.

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