Durable Paper Hero TriDura Man Battles Moisture

In this episode, our durable paper hero TriDura Man battles the villain moisture. How will he overcome his soppy powers?

Durable Paper TriDura vs Moisture

An unexpected rain storm? Your spilled morning coffee?


TriDura Man laughs in the face of liquid. Born of an advanced hybrid of standard paper and synthetic substrates, TriDura Man combines the image quality of paper with some durability features of a full synthetic.

The Epic Defeat of Paper

When introduced to moisture, standard paper fails with such little durability that simple jostling or long-term exposure to water can cause it to tear, fade, and disintegrate.

That’s not the message you want to send to your cohorts, and its not going to get the job done.

Moisture is No Match for TriDura Man

When TriDura is introduced to water, the polymer film core offers added toughness. Simple jostling will not tear the substrate, and the print remains intact, making TriDura a great resource for applications that need a little extra staying power like outdoor signage, maps, trail guides, and brochures.


When Should You Call on TriDura Man?

At a fraction of the cost of full synthetic paper, TriDura is an ideal choice for customers who need a more durable solution than standard paper but can’t afford to sacrifice image quality or foldability.

Water tolerant and heat and tear resistant, TriDura Man will stand up to changes in the environment, and frequent handling and folding.

What adventures will TriDura Man have next? That’s up to you! Get your free limited-edition sample kit and discover exciting ways to use this brand new durable paper.

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