A New Hero for the Printing Industry: Introducing TriDura Man!

In a world where insidious Paper has infiltrated our lives, who can save the printing industry? Introducing TriDura Man!


In a world where the insidious villain Paper has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, promising beautifully printed products but delivering only flimsy disappointment, upon whom can we depend?

Is there a hero out there for the printing industry? A champion who can defeat the pervasive Paper?

There is. His name? TriDura Man.

TriDura Man to the Rescue

TriDura Man laughs in the face of Paper’s weaknesses, like moisture and tearing. He does not snap under pressure, but remains flexible to your needs.

Printers? Ha! Our durable paper hero fears no printer.

TriDura Man provides the image quality, foldability, and printability needed to compete with that fiend Paper, but with unmatched durability and resilience.

How Can TriDura Man Help?

He can be folded, punched, glued, perforated, scored or die cut as needed, without disintegrating, making him a hero in a range of industries—from recreational and retail, to hospitality, education, manufacturing, healthcare and government.

How Did TriDura Man Get So Strong?

His strength comes from his synthetic core (no radioactive spiders here). A unique construction of paper/polymer/paper, means our hero can work with with flexo, litho offset, laser, digital, UV, and inkjet printing without trouble.

He is tear and water-resistant, unlike his nemesis.

If that miscreant Paper has you in a predicament, send a distress signal to TriDura Man, and his sidekicks at Relyco. And stay tuned for more of TriDura Man’s adventures.
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