Just How Durable Is TriDura Man? Our Paper Hero Tests His Strength

Despite his previous victories, there are those who wonder: If TriDura Man is part standard paper, part synthetic durable paper, just how strong can he be? Our hero tests his strength in this latest adventure.


After his resounding victory over liquid and moisture, TriDura Man appears to have no limitations. As an advanced hybrid of standard paper and synthetic substrates, TriDura Man combines the image quality of paper with some durability features of a full synthetic.

But there are still those who question his strength. If he’s part standard paper, just how durable can he be?

Never one to back down from a challenge, TriDura Man ventured into the world to test his durability.

TriDura Man’s Durable Paper Map to Victory

Fresh from his defeat of moisture, our hero TriDura Man went undercover as a map to go where no standard paper would dare, for fear of folds, tears, and eventual destruction: The Dreaded Glove Box.

Folded, crushed, and packed in between manuals, snacks, and sunglasses, TriDura Man durable paper holds his own—displaying the strength and durability of his polymer film core.

But that’s not all. Disguised as a brochure, our hero braved the caverns of The Overfilled Purse and emerged victorious. As a restaurant menu, he stood up to the dreaded Sticky-Fingered Toddler and The Grabby Guest without tearing.

On and on he traveled, proving TriDura durable paper’s superiority to standard paper with every adventure.

How Is It Possible For Durable Paper To Be So Strong?

TriDura Man’s polymer film core is the source of his strength.

With a synthetic substrate at his center, TriDura Man is able to stand up in situations where standard paper would crumple, but his paper exterior maintains clear printing capabilities and flexibility, making TriDura a great resource for printing applications that need to last, like outdoor signage, maps, trail guides, and brochures.

Where will our hero travel next? It could be anywhere! At a fraction of the cost of full synthetic paper, TriDura is an ideal choice for customers who need a more durable solution than standard paper but can’t afford to sacrifice image quality or foldability.

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