Four Laser Substrates to Increase Your In-Plant’s Value

Investing in a few new laser substrates can help in-plant printing departments prove their value and justify the cost of maintaining an in-plant solution.

Laser Substrates to Increase In-Plant Value

As more and more businesses and governmental bodies turn to outsourcing their print work, in-plant printing departments must prove their value to justify the cost of maintaining an in-plant solution.

New Laser Substrates to Grow In-House Capabilities

One of the best ways to enhance the value of your in-plant printing program is to increase the number of unique applications you are able to handle in-house.

Investing in a few new substrates like waterproof paper, carbonless paper, custom packaging solutions and pressure seal forms and equipment can help your in-plant printing department grow its capabilities exponentially.

Colorful Waterproof Paper

Synthetic paper has dozens of applications for any industry where durability and water-resistance are important.

But you can take your waterproof paper applications to the next level with the newest technology: synthetic waterproof paper in vibrant colors. With brightly colored synthetic paper, there’s no need to lay a full-color bleed on your waterproof applications.

Some of the most common applications for synthetic paper include:

  • Durable signage
  • ID & membership cards
  • Parking passes
  • Temporary license plates
  • Bookmarks
  • Labels
  • Menus
  • Field manuals

REVLAR Premium Colors provides the perfect canvas for bright and light colored applications like signs, tags, banners, posters or flyers without the use of excessive ink and toner. Plus, you can even incorporate white toner!

Custom Packaging Solutions

Sometimes all it takes to reinvigorate your brand is an enhanced packaging solution. Think about personalized packaging for direct mail, presentations, corporate gifts, special events and fundraising.

A few common applications for custom packaging solutions include:

  • Table tents
  • Candy boxes
  • Card boxes
  • Bottle labels
  • Coffee cup sleeves

Carbonless Paper

If you’re still using old-school pin-fed forms and printers, you can increase the quality and efficiency of your form production with a carbonless paper solution like REIMAGE carbonless laser paper.

Here are just a few of the most common applications for carbonless paper:

  • Printing registration forms
  • Invoices
  • On-demand work orders
  • Medical forms
  • Sales receipts
  • Employment applications

Pressure Seal Forms & Equipment

Pressure seal forms and equipment let businesses create and process self-sealing one-piece self-mailers. Investing in a pressure seal forms and equipment solution, like RELYCO’s ULTRASEAL line, can not only enhance your in-house capabilities, it can also help your business save money while potentially generating better open-rates.

The benefits of using pressure seal forms and equipment include: reduced overhead by eliminating envelope costs, reduced man-hours spent by hand-stuffing envelopes and increased response rates!

Common applications for pressure seal include:

  • Efficient mass-mailing
  • Delivery of secure information like tax forms, checks & grade reports
  • Promotional self-mailers

Want to learn more about how laser substrates like waterproof paper can help grow your in-house capabilities? Click below to download our white paper for all the details.