Get to Know RELYCO – Christina Perron, Account Representative

Christina has a special ability to set people immediately at ease. That’s a valuable skill to have when working with customers. Learn more about Christina in her own words.

Christina Perron

Christina Perron is an Account Representative, which means that she fields inquiries from customers and processes orders. Christina began working at RELYCO in March of 2022.

She’s an enthusiastic and empathetic listener, so it’s really easy to chat with her. Part of the comfort in talking to her is due to her remarkably soothing voice. It was the very first thing that struck me upon meeting her. She instantly put me at ease, which is a special trait to have, especially when working in an environment where we’re striving to deliver the highest quality customer service. Christina does an excellent job, and we’re lucky to have her!

Christina Perron
Christina Perron, Account Representative

See the interview below to learn more about Christina in her own words:

Do you consider yourself an introvert, extrovert or ambivert?
I would say I’m more of an introvert.  I feel like I need my alone time and my quiet time to recharge my batteries. I’m not super comfortable in big crowds. I’m at my best in small, intimate groups.

What skills / hobbies / habits have you picked up during COVID lockdowns?
We were at home for a long time. So yeah, I wanted to learn something new. I always thought real estate looked fun, so I took a real estate class, studied for the exam..and thankfully passed on my first go and got my real estate license. So yeah, I’m a realtor on the side! 

Do you drink coffee or tea in the morning?
Definitely coffee. [she laughs] I would drink coffee all day long, but I cut it off at 2 cups in the morning, unless I’m desperate in the afternoon I’ll go for another.

What’s your favorite smell?
Bread baking.

Do you have any pets?
I do have a dog! His name is Moe. We rescued him about four years ago. He’s kind of a goober. Yeah, he’s just another boy creature I’m raising along with my 3 teen sons.  

Describe your happy place.
Oh, my happy place is…I go between the lake and the ocean. So the lake is very peaceful and quiet and where I feel grounded and I don’t know, just happy and at peace. But I love the ocean too because it’s noisy and busy and I get to people watch a little bit more, which I love to do. It’s almost like a noise machine where you can just kind of relax and zone out. The best naps are taken at the beach.

If you could talk to your 16-year-old self, what advice would you give?
Oh boy! [she sighs] Do we have an hour? [she laughs] So so so so much. So much about self-esteem and body image, and to just be myself and not try to fit into anybody else’s box. Accept who I am. And just know that I’m good enough. 

What would you choose for your “last meal”?
My mom’s eggplant parmigiana. She would make it for me on my birthday. Since she isn’t with us anymore, and can’t make it for me, I would have to go with Patty B’s chicken marsala with risotto, not pasta. It is delicious!

Where is/was your favorite place to visit while traveling?
Definitely Kauai. It was beautiful and natural. Less populated than some of the bigger islands. It was fun to hike and kayak, and it’s not super touristy. Definitely put it on your bucket list, it’s gorgeous.

Who was the last person you texted?
My kid. He’s 18. He’s going off to college in a week, so we have a lot to communicate about. I mean, I have a lot to communicate, he kinda just sends me the eye roll emoji.  

If you could hang out with someone (living or deceased) for the day, who would you pick?
I would love another day with my mom. I definitely would like to sit down, have her advice again. Especially raising three teenage boys right now. It can be challenging, so I could really use my mom.

Do you have one favorite holiday tradition?
There are a couple, do I have to pick one? My favorite is Christmas Eve. My family is very close and we still spend all holidays together. My aunts, my uncles, my siblings, my cousins and all of our kids. Our family has grown exponentially since we’ve all had kids. But it’s a tradition we’ve had forever and ever. We all gather for a traditional Italian Christmas Eve dinner and exchange gifts. It’s chaotic and noisy like you’d imagine a big Italian family would be, but so full of love.

My other favorite is our Fourth of July camping trip. What started out as a day at the lake 50 years ago (give or take) has turned into a 4-night camping event. My grandparents started the tradition when my mom was young. We would meet at the lake at 8:00am and cook breakfast on the beach, spend the whole day in the water and grill dinner on the beach and leave when it started getting dark. We still spend the 4th like this. Now that we camp, we’ve started recreating Christmas Eve. We decorate our campsites with Christmas lights and 6’ inflatables. We have the same Italian Christmas Eve dinner and we have a Yankee Swap around the campfire. It’s such a great time.

To contact Christina, send her an email at or connect with her on LinkedIn here. To contact RELYCO, give us a call at 800-777-7359. You can also click here.