3 Reasons to Go Plastic for ID Cards

Plastic cards are great for gift or value cards, membership identification and more. But how do you know when plastic is a better choice over other materials?

Plastic ID Cards

If your business is considering incorporating an ID or membership card into your efforts, then there are some important factors to review before you make any decisions. First, make sure that you’ve answered these three questions. There are certain circumstances when plastic is a better choice over paper ID & membership cards. We’ll dive in below!

How to determine that you need plastic ID cards:

  • Magnetic Strips
    • If you’d like your card to be swiped, then you’ll need a magnetic strip. Magnetic strips are typically not available for other card types because cards that support magnetic strips need to be rigid, which makes them too thick to pass through a laser printer.
  • Security Features
    • If your ID or membership card needs special security features to protect your business or the personal information of the cardholder, a plastic ID card can provide those options. You can opt for chip cards, guilloche pattern, watermark technology, embedded holograms, micro-fine printing, DNA Matrix and more.
  • Long-Lasting
    • Plastic ID cards will last much longer than paper. That plastic is thicker and more durable than paper is a no-brainer. If your card will be permanent or if it needs to last several years and will experience heavy handling, then plastic is the way to go. Plastic ID cards are available in thicknesses from 7 mil to 30 mil. To give you some examples, 10 mil is ideal for a business card, while 20 mil is better for a gift card and 30 mil is best for a key card.

Keep in mind that you most likely can’t print plastic cards yourself. Some folks prefer to send their ID card jobs out to be professionally done anyway, so a plastic option is an easy choice. It’s a little bit of an upgrade from a poly or paper option.

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