ID and Membership Cards

Custom ID Cards: For Your Wonderfully Unique Projects

Custom ID Cards: For Your Wonderfully Unique Projects

Let’s face it, sometimes a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t actually work for every business. It can work for most projects, but maybe not all. When it comes to loyalty, ID and membership cards, there are a lot of variables. If you find that you have an ID card project that can’t be addressed with an out of the box item, there’s no need to worry. We help customers with custom ID card projects all the time.

Customize Your Brand

Many businesses choose to customize their ID or membership cards because they want to incorporate their logo and unique color scheme into their cards. Custom cards allow you to get exactly what you want and eliminate inconsistencies. You can use your ID cards to represent and reflect your brand in just the way you want. There are so many possibilities when you create your own custom card.

Cards will be professionally pre-printed and shipped directly to you. On a laser-compatible card, certain sections can even be left blank so you can print your own data on them if needed.

Examples of Custom Jobs

  • Plastic cards
    • Plastic cards provide unbeatable durability, while also allowing you to incorporate various security features. The design is fully customizable. You can even combine multiple types and pop-out cards. Check out the photo above to see custom plastic cards with key cards attached!
  • Magnets
    • For many, our repositionable cards are a nice alternative to a magnet because they can stick to any surface. But, again, that’s for many, not all! If you specifically want a magnet, we can do that! Magnets are a great way to keep your message/contact information easily available to customers. Magnets leave lasting impressions; you’ll be top of mind…..or fridge!
  • Pressure
    • SealIf the security of an ID card is critical, pressure seal self-mailers are a popular solution. If you need to welcome members or provide identification cards through the mail, pressure seal self-mailers can guarantee privacy because it’s obvious whenever a mailer has been opened or tampered with, unlike a regular envelope. It’s also a time and money saver, which is perfect for bulk mailings of any kind.

The possibilities with custom ID cards are endless! If you’re thinking you might have a custom ID card job, chat with us! We can help. Click here or on the button below to talk to a representative about your options.


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