Three Fun (& Festive) Ways to Use Floor Decals

Floor decals don’t just have to be basic, practical tools for social distancing. They can also be imaginative and engaging! We’re sharing three unique ways to use floor decals (with free design templates) to grab your customer’s attention.

Floor Decal with Snowman

We’ve all noticed how prevalent floor decals have become in stores over the last few months. These helpful decals often show where we are supposed to stand in order to properly maintain distance. But, as with all things, people get so accustomed to seeing the same thing over and over that they eventually stop seeing it. So why not mix it up and use floor decals in a more surprising way?

Borrow these creative floor decal ideas with free templates

Interactive game 

Have you ever seen a kid in a grocery store hopping from one color tile to the next? (Maybe you were even one of those kids!) Children need something to stay occupied while their parents are shopping, and their gaze naturally falls to the floor more often because they are closer to it. As a store manager, you could provide a way to keep kids busy and reduce the number of meltdowns, which is something parents will greatly appreciate.

Floor Decal with Snowman

Encourage kids to play an interactive floor decal game!

1. Place floor decals with snowmen on them randomly throughout the store.
2. At the main entrance, give families a flyer or post a sign to prompt them to count the snowmen while they shop.
3. At the end of the shopping experience, kids tell the cashier how many they spotted and they receive a small treat based on their number.

It’s a win-win for all – kids stay busy, parents can shop with ease and the store just created a family-friendly, positive experience for the customer.

We made you this free design template, feel free to use it to keep those kids from getting bored!

Marketing promotion / message

Is your marketing team looking for new ways to convey a message? Floor decals are an easy way to engage customers while directing them to take advantage of your promotion. For example, a manager’s special on an item could be highlighted by placing floor decals around the item (and strategically around the store). Or maybe a new item is on the shelf and you want to bring awareness to it – place a floor decal there to generate excitement

Spreading cheer during the holidays

During the winter months, you could offer a complimentary hot cocoa or coffee to your customers as they shop. Use floor decals to show them the way to your hot beverage station and watch them relax as they take that first sip. Customer engagements can come in many forms, but the most memorable ones are the ones that delight.

Grab this free design template and start warming your customer’s hearts (and hands) today!

Floor Decals for Hot Cocoa

Easy to use floor decals

Don’t have the materials for floor decals? Not sure where to find them? RELYCO offers REVLAR Floor Decals, a solution that allows you to print your own (as many or as few as you want) using your own laser printer. These OSHA compliant, non-slip floor decals come in three different sizes (circle, rectangle or oval), so you can let your creative juices flow.

As you can see from our ideas above, floor decals don’t just have to be basic, practical tools for social distancing. They can also be imaginative and engaging! The possibilities are endless. To get you started, use these pre-designed templates. Take our ideas and build your own! And, as always, reach out to us with any questions or if you need guidance.