Laser Check Security Features & Standards: What You Need to Know

Learn about the laser check security features that checks must include in order to comply with the ANSI standards for check processing security.

Laser Check Security Standards Features

While there’s no single way to prevent check fraud, ensuring your business checks adhere to the guidelines set forth by the American National Standards Institute is a simple first step.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) oversees the development and implementation of industry consensus standards and voluntary adherence. These standards include guidelines for check processing security.

Relyco is a member of the ANSI ASC X9AB Check Processing Subcommittee–the leader in developing technical financial industry standards.

Laser Check Security Standards

To comply with the ANSI standards for check processing security, all checks must have at least three security features and at least one security feature must cover each of four areas:

  • One must be overt, such as an endorsement warning, warning band or non-negotiable stub backer
  • One must be covert, such as copy-void, fluorescent fibers or solvent reactive chemical stain
  • One must be anti-copy or designed to hinder duplication
  • One must be anti-alteration or designed to deter data modification

The security feature types can overlap; for example, microprinting is both a covert feature and an anti-copy feature, and diagonal anti-splice lines are both overt and anti-alteration.

Relyco Laser Checks

All Relyco stock laser checks — including ULTRACHEK® Laser Checks, BASICHEK® Laser Checks, MAGNACHEK® Laser Checks, FUTURACHEK® Laser Checks, DETERACHEK® Laser Checks and ULTRASEALPressure Seal Checks — are designed with security features that prevent tampering and forgery to ensure a secure financial transaction.

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