REVLAR Waterproof Paper

Make a Vivid Statement With Colored Waterproof Paper & White Toner

Make a Vivid Statement With Colored Waterproof Paper & White Toner

What happens when you combine a digital color printer with white toner capabilities and Relyco’s REVLAR® Vibrant Colors?

White Toner + Colored Waterproof Paper = A Bold Statement

You get amazing printed designs that just pop off the page! When attendees at the annual Graphics of the Americas print show in February visited the OKI Data booth, they saw the results first hand.

With graphics designed by students at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, the materials printed on Relyco’s vibrant colored waterproof paper, REVLAR Vibrant Colors, made a vivid statement. While black toner looked fine on the deep colors, the white simply popped. This application gives new life to the use of vibrant colored media to get a message across.

Sell More Printers

As a printer equipment dealer, you can bring your print shop customers up to a new level of employing the latest technologies to provide impressive products for customers by demonstrating just how well the white toner works on the vivid colors.

At 50 ppm color or mono, the OKI C941e is an efficient, cost effective way for shops to produce standout graphics for their customers. This model is a digital color printer capable of printing with white and clear gloss toner.

Bring lots of the new Relyco vibrant color waterproof paper along and show the print shop or in-house managers just what they can achieve.

Grow Your Print Shop Offerings

If you are a print shop owner/manager, arm yourself with printed samples of the vibrant media so that you can show them to your customers, and leave samples for them to play with and decide if the white on bright colors can give them an edge over the traditional products used by the competition. The white on vibrant colors makes for standout signage, innovative invitations, and bright décor items.


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