Why Print Distributors Need Specialty Paper Suppliers: The Benefits of Partnering with Relyco

Your digital printing customers are looking for ways to prove their value. What can you give them that your competitors can’t? By partnering with the right digital substrate supplier, paper wholesalers can provide their clients with innovative solutions.

Digital Printing Partners

What if you could offer your print-shop and in-plant clients a brand new way to make money? Contrary to chatter that print is a dying industry, the digital print market is exploding worldwide.

With this expanding market comes an increased demand for innovative specialty paper substrates that can “do more.” Your customers are looking for ways to make their print shop stand out from the crowd or prove their value as an in-plant asset. What can you give them that your competitors can’t?

Why You Need A Specialty Paper Supplier

By partnering with the right specialty paper supplier, paper wholesalers can can provide their clients with innovative solutions like waterproof paper and custom 3D packaging.

For your print shop customers, this means increased options to deliver innovative products, putting them at the leading edge of the newest digital technologies. But for print distributors and resellers, this increased demand can open up lucrative new revenue channels.

What Can Relyco Offer Your Customers?

Relyco delivers a range of premium paper media products that provide resellers with a host of unique capabilities to set them apart from the competition as they target their own customers, including:

  • Relyco’s REVLAR waterproof synthetic paper – a “virtually indestructible” synthetic polyester waterproof paper that eliminates the need to laminate for thousands of applications where durable, waterproof, and tear-resistant paper is needed.
  • DigiPOP custom digital packaging products – Using variable data printing, each DigiPOP sheet runs through a digital press to produce completely customized items such as golf ball boxes, cube boxes, tent cards, dimensional mailers, and much more.
  • EZ-Card ID and membership cards – a full line of laser and digital compatible ID and membership cards, available in a variety of materials and layouts, for any application.

Learn more about our recent partnership with one of the largest paper wholesalers in Europe, IGEPA Group Companies, which serves Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, or click below to schedule a time to chat. We’re ready to help you take your business to the next level, are you?