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Back to School with Relyco: Print Opportunities in Education

Back to School with Relyco: Print Opportunities in Education

Back-to-school advertising seems to start the minute the school year ends. Everyone is selling something: from clothing to electronics to dorm room furnishing and even to small appliances.

Print Opportunities in Education

So how do you, in your local print shop, position yourself to take advantage of this seasonal flurry of activity?

Look to Local Schools for Print Opportunities

Do you have a college or university nearby? What about the local elementary, junior and senior high schools? Think about some of the applications you are uniquely positioned to produce and that they would ordinarily outsource, such as:

  • Student and faculty ID cards on durable water- and tear-resistant products
  • Study guides that can be adapted to each subject and age group
  • Parking permits to hang on rear view mirrors
  • Sports schedules and memorabilia
  • Products to promote school spirit
  • Report cards and other secure mailings to parents

Most of the above items are short-run, on-demand print products. To be profitable for you, and for your clients, you need to be able to purchase the substrates on an as-needed timely basis, with quantities determined by your customer demand.

Bring Substrate Samples to Share

Face-to-face meetings with educational organizations, demonstrating what you can provide, what new products are available and how quickly you can produce what they need, can be an effective way to grow your business and gain new customers.

Offer Large and Small Quantities

As traditional print business is fading, you really need to offer products in both large and small quantities on new substrates that customers have not previously purchased locally.

Select Products to Work With Your Existing Equipment

For greater profitability, it’s important to be able to use existing equipment to do new things with what you already have in house. So consider your digital and ink-jet printing options. How can you get the most from your existing equipment?

Choose a Reputable Supplier of High-Quality Products

Above all, you need to make sure that the products you buy are from a reputable, knowledgeable vendor who is going to advise you on the best product, with the highest quality and for the best price available, allowing you to fulfill orders of any size on time and on budget.

To grow your business in today’s increasingly competitive market, you have to be ahead of the pack in your offerings. You have to think outside the box as you meet with educational organizations offering them products they possibly didn’t even think they would need or could use.

Be the advisor, the trusted vendor, and the first in line for new business.


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