Frosty the Snow REVLAR Waterproof Labels Man Visits Relyco

Christmas is fast approaching, so we used REVLAR waterproof labels to add some holiday cheer to the office.

Revlar Waterproof labels

Christmas is quickly approaching and my coworker, Mary Jo, and I were recently talking about decorating the office. She started telling me about this snowman door decoration she had seen somewhere and mentioned that she would like to make one for the door to the office. What a perfect application for our REVLAR labels!

Later that afternoon, inspiration struck. Jumping on to Adobe Illustrator, I quickly made two 6″ black circles for eyes and nine 3″ black circles for the mouth and buttons.

Then, using the pen tool, I drew an elongated orange triangle—like a carrot—for the nose, and printed all the items using REVLAR labels.

After cutting them out and placing them on the door, I realized my snowman needed a scarf. I went back to the computer, drew some rectangles and triangles using the Shape Tool, and then merged the shapes together via Pathfinder.

Our snowman was complete! The whole process from idea to completion took about 30-40 minutes.

Our REVLAR Low Tack labels are removable so there won’t be any damage to the glass or leave any residue behind.

If we could do this in a half an hour, think of all the things you could use them for!